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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sorry just isn't enough for plagrism @msoccernews

What probably also need to be done is removing the particular contents, and maybe an apology on the blog and Facebook as well.

and here's the original pics. 

and here's the link to the original posting by (check gallery below story)\

Yes, they had the freaking cheek to watermark my pics!

as of now (1.30pm, Dec 17, 2012) Msoccernews has yet to remove their plagiarised contents. click here

Here's what they have done, 2 days later, since first ignoring all tweets. Not just by me but some others. Thanks for support everyone.

There are some blogs which run excellently - sourcing for information on their own or crediting their source. Here's a few Foul!, Malaysian Hockey, Malaysian Sports -Today's back pages, Maybe the folks at Msoccernews could learn a thing or two instead of being the bad apple in the blogging industry.

Kepada yang kat Msoccernews, sorry sahaja tidak cukup. Tolong remove segala content yang telah dicuri dari website and minta maaf dalam Blog dan Facebook. Bukan sahaja kepada saya ataupun, tetapi kepada semua yang you orang hijjack!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pathetic treatment for Harimau Malaya in Bangkok

That pretty much sums up Malaysia's first outdoor training session in Bangkok.

Do I need to say more besides "This field is f**king pathetic!"?

It was not really a field day for Malaysia. (click on the link to read more and see more pictures of the deplorable state of the so called 'Stadium' allotted to Malaysia to training)

Simply put, it is high time Malaysia play similar tactics to foreign teams such as Thailand and Indonesia (where is just wasn't safe to do anything).

But no, Malaysia will not resort to similar acts. We are gracious hosts and providing the best for visitors/foreigners/immigrants/etc has always been one of our values. Let's continue that despite getting shit from our neighbours.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

M-League matches to be played in the evening

We hear of the need to bring back the fans all the time - FA of Malaysia (FAM), States, Clubs and even the media have all spoke of the need to get the fans to pack stadiums again like in the glory days of Malaysian football.

Often, the national body and States/clubs have been blamed for the lack of fans as it lacks the professionalism, quality and what not.

But now, local authorities will have to take the blame too.

To get the fans, the matches must also be played at a convenient time for folks to come in numbers. However, due to lighting requirement set by FAM, only five stadiums will be able to host night matches.

The rest fail to meet the minimum 1000 Lux requirement on all nine floodlights.

There is nothing teams can do as they have no jurisdiction over the stadiums

Read's Left in the dark for more on this.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Jom kita ke Stadium Bukit Jalil!

Forget the English Premier League, La Liga or Serie A for a night.

Bukit Jalil Stadium is the place to be. Why? We need to get behind our national team as they face a crucial AFF Suzuki Cup Group B tie against arch rivals Indonesia.

Never really believed Paul.

It is an interesting scenario in the group. All four teams can still make it to the semifinals. Read Battle for Survival for the possible scenarios at the end of the day.

It is going to be a heated game for sure - not just on the pitch but in the stands as Ultras Malaya will the 12th man.

It's humorous how Indonesia have found their tricks once again - the maggot found in their food at the hotel and claiming the need of protection as seen here.

Sudah lupa Sea Games 2011 final and the previous AFF Suzuki Cup second-leg final ka?

Rest assured, Indonesia, your are fans are safer at the Bukit Jalil Stadium than the Gelora Bung Karno.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AFF Suzuki Cup not Malaysia's priority?

Pic by Helmi Dawi,

Well at least it appears so for the FA of Malaysia and newly signed Johor forward Norshahrul Idlan Talaha?

Why else would his contract issue with former side Kelantan be more important than focusing on the AFF Suzuki Cup?

Malaysia had lost the opening match to Singapore. It was a heavy and humiliating 3-0 defeat.

However, instead of focussing solely on that - like what they do in truly professional do - FAM heard Norshahrul's case in a Status Committee meeting yesterday. The now former Kelantan striker was also present at FAM.

It is not about whether he can remain focus. But do we usually hear players in bigger footballing countries saying "We'll sort it out after the tournament" or something along those lines when questioned of their transfer to a new club during an on-going tourney?

But here we have a striker and an organisation that saw great urgency in concluding his club contractual issue. Perhaps, there was pressure from up above?

Read Get your priorities right for the full story.

Nt: Why are we still talking about past successes and how we did it, when we are told to forget the past disappointments? I'm dumbfounded!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A wet affair? - AFF Suzuki Cup

Someone might as well sell raincoats outside the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil for the next one week.

It is a wet season after all - and if you think you'll be covered during the match times at least, think again.

There are gaping holes on the Stadium roof that would allow rain through should there be any. has more on it here.

So, the time has come for Harimau Malaya to wake up from their recent hibernation. Four friendlies were played, four disappointing acts were recorded. But does that give a definite answer as to how they'll fare in the AFF Suzuki Cup?

In previous years - the last AFF Suzuki Cup, SEA Games (2009 & 2011) - the team's chances were dismissed but they went on to win those tournaments to earned the title "Kings of Southeast Asia". It's the same now, can they repeat history?

Let's hope so.

One thing for sure is that national coach K. Rajagobal and his army are ready for Singapore. Open the Lions' den?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

PM's historic visit disrupts training

It was a historic visit nonetheless. But shouldn't this had happened during lunch or prior to the training?

Before that... read Historic Visit for what Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had to say to the players during his brief visit to Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya yesterday.
“Winning or losing will depend on the circumstances and luck but you have to give your 100 per cent commitment and work as a team,” Najib told the players.
While the PM's presence was seen a show of faith by national coach K. Rajagobal, his body language spoke a different tone prior to the arrival of the Premier.


Simple. It is crucial time for the Harimau Malaya. They took the field for their physical routine as early as 5pm but were forced to get indoors at approximately 5.15pm as the greet session could not be held outdoor because the skies threatened to open.

Najib was expected to arrive with his entourage, which included Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahamd Shabery Cheek, at 5.30pm. However, as the skies cleared, the event was pushed to the outdoors again to await the PM, who we were told was still in Putrajaya.

As he arrived at 6.10, watched the players train and gave his words of wisdom to the players before departing 20 minutes later.

The visit was in good faith and could only mean good but it should not have interrupted training. Halting training twice due to red tape is not what the players need ahead of the AFF Suzuki Cup opening match against Singapore on Sunday.

Ps. The event was supposed to be a closed one with only official media (Bernama, RTM, and 1Malaysia TV) present but as Sports writers and pixmen from other organisation were there to their job, a certain aide of the PM was seen running around frantically trying to keep the rest at bay.

Sigh, why the exclusivity?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rajagobal prepared for drastic changes

Just four days to the start of the AFF Suzuki Cup. Just fours days till Malaysia play Singapore. Just four days for Malaysia to dwell upon the disappointing four preparation matches they had played.

A losing start is never fatal but should Malaysia not get three points against Singapore, things may not be good as it could all boil down to seeking a good goal difference advantage against Laos and a positive result against Indonesia.

Problem is Malaysia are finding it hard to get it going up front. Only two goals were scored in their last four matches while the defence let in five.

The Tigers, under K. Rajagobal have always rose to the occasion. Remember the Sea Games in 2009 and last AFF Suzuki Cup in 2010?. No one gave them a chance then.

But this time is it different?

Pic by (Helmi Dawi)

One thing that is different is that national coach K. Rajagobal, the man who has long publicly defended his boys, lost his cool with the players after draw with lowly Bangladesh yesterday.
"I am going to be very stern with the players. If they don’t change the way they have been playing, I’m ready to make drastic changes, even dropping players; I don’t care! 
"There must be changes and if there aren’t, I will make changes to the team” warned Rajagobal.
For more read Players make Rajagobal-listic, Rajagobal: Change or be changed and here's the match report of yesterday game, Another disappointing act.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wake up, Malaysia!

It is going to be tough. 

They say winning a trophy is easier than keeping it. Malaysia are on a mission - that is to defend the AFF Cup.

But first Malaysia needs to Wake Up.

National coach K. Rajagobal is understandably disappointed that some of his players let him down. 
I am disappointed with the result. The players need to wake up before the AFF Suzuki Cup. Mistakes do happen, but they have to have the confidence to get back up,” said the 56-year-old. 
The 1-1 draw against Hong Kong was not the result the players needed. Coming after successive defeats to Vietnam and Thailand it was a telling sign. The players need to buck up, raise their spirits and believe in themselves once again.

With just 10 days to the start of the regional games, the above saying may come back to bite the Harimau Malaya.

Hopefully, as Rajagobal mentioned during the post match press conference, "the players can't give excuses if they don't perform against Bangladesh and the AFF."

The sight of the Ultras Malaya chanting the team on was a sight I'd like to see the Bukit Jalil filled with come Nov 25 onwards.

Ps. There's a new look for

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FAM discourages club football system.

That is what can be deduced by FA of Malaysia's (FAM) knee-jerk decision to bar clubs from partaking in the President's Cup, a development tournament for junior players. has a piece on how FAM have taken One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards.

As result clubs such as NS Betaria, Sime Darby, Johor FC, PKNS and T-Team will have to either scrap their youth development programme or resort to playing only smaller scale tournaments as the FAM does not want to promote club football.

Instead, FAM want the their affiliates to develop football and produce talents.

Kids, if you are serious of making football a career - stay away from the clubs. That could well be the underlining message of such decision.

Former colleague and friend Haresh Deol reported the possibility of such move yesterday on Foul!
Bro, Kelab Dianaktirikan ke?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

National Football Awards - did they get it right?

Did the panel selecting the winners only watched the Malaysia Cup?

That was the question that sports journos in the country were asking when the winners were announced earlier today.

Some of the winners did not perform up to the mark in the M-League, in some cases were overshadowed by the presence of foreign players, but a good showing at the Malaysia Cup got them awards.

No disrespect to Selangor's Safiq Rahim, on-loan Rozaimi Abdul Rahman or Kelantan's Norshahrul Idlan Talaha but there were better options that the panel perhaps overlooked - some were even among the nominees.

Wasn't the awards suppose to be an overall one? Taking into account the Super League, Premier League, FA Cup and Malaysia Cup altogether?

And what happened to foreign players being eligible for all the awards as previously mentioned here. I guess someone thought the foreign players would have swept most of the awards so decided to narrow them down to just one award - Best Foreign player. Btw, such did not exist at the awards announcements a forth night ago.

Let's have a healthy competition la.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Truth prevails? Nope!

The dust has settled on the Peter Butler – Terengganu saga.

Indeed, but the general perception on the matter, after FA of Malaysia (FAM) decision to declare Terengganu FA’s punishment on Butler null and void, is that Butler has been vindicated of all that has happened.

But does that mean what Butler, who seems to feel exonerated, has done nothing wrong? Bare in mind the national body’s decision was based solely on the non-compliance with procedural rules.

Butler had:
1. Rightly dropped Muslim Ahmad and Ismail Faruqi for breaking curfew and allegedly bringing girls into their hotel rooms.
2. Goalkeeper Sharbinee was abused, cursed,pushed and accused of match fixing in PUBLIC.
3. Revealed on his Twitter account that he did not have a free hand in deciding the team.
4. Had spoke about these matters to the media without getting approval from the State FA.

In return Butler was:
1. Suspended 6-months, effectively ending his employment.
2. Fine RM4,000
3. Futher fine 15% of his monthly salary.

But FA of Malaysia overturned the punishments last week.

Now would they have done so if Terengganu FA had adhered to procedures?

Here's what secretary general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad had to say...... wrong procedure in Butler's case

Butler was wrong to speak to the media, he should have followed the proper channels. His arguments were valid but again, he didn’t choose the proper channels.

If there was a lesson to be learnt from the saga then it is not that truth will prevail but follow the procedures (some will have to lay down the procedures first)

Anyway it has been a good M-League season - for all reasong. Here's my two cents worth.... 'The good, the bad and the ugly

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cut the testing, Datuk.......

pic taken from a Nike Malaysia advert

Granted, it was a friendly match. But a defeat is a defeat, our first on home soil since 2009, and we need to act.

The 2-0 loss against Vietnam at the Bukit Jalil Stadium was one that we needed - a wake-up call to those aspiring to break into the first team.

Nothing drastic is needed as there is no need to push the panic button as national coach K. Rajagobal mentioned after the loss.

But one is for sure, we have to stop the experimenting. The AFF Suzuki Cup is just a couple of months away and it's time to put out our finest players together in the coming preparation matches.

It may just be my two cents worth opinion or it may just be what Rajagobal has to do. 

For more ready my comment published by Click here 

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Here's our future athletes, Singapore.

Singapore may, in say 8-10 years, have better Badminton players than us.

It's not that they have en excellent development programmes or more talented youngsters, but because the Republic are offering Malaysia's top Under-12 players education scholarships and a place in the Singapore Sports School.

This was revealed by in Cradle Snatcher several days ago.

Ethical or not, is a different matter. But what can we do to stop this?

BA of Malaysia admitted that they are powerless in stopping this as Singapore has the right to give such offers.

The national body's secretary Ng Chin Chai conceded that BAM need to work with Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) in providing a better package for the young talents - maybe even a better education programme (if necessary) and more high quality coaches.

However, BJSS must change their ways. They have turned down potential talent in the past before.Should Malaysia lose more young talent, this could be a lesson for being picky.

and it is Vijhay Vick - Senior Writer, as of Sept 1, 2012 (officially).

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ramlan moves on... with the Sports Minister.

So former National Sports Institute (ISN) CEO Dr. Ramlan Aziz is ready take office as the Special Advisor to the Sports Minister.

Pursuant to a Sports247 reports here and then here the next day, Ramlan was sent the following text. 
Good evening Sir, would you care to comment on Sports247's story regarding you being replaced?. Minister was quoted saying, Shapawi's appointment has no controversy and the focus is on 2016 Olympics which needs immediate attention. This can be seen as if you have been made the scapegoat and that u have been replaced as actions need to be taken for next Games. This also means that you being replaced is the action needed.. -Regards, Vijhay Vick.
and this was the reply sent by the new Special Advisor
My appointment opens the way for the new CEO of ISN to concentrate on the administrative and financial management aspects. My appointment underscores YB Minister's seriousness ineffecting innovative ideas into launching Malaysian sports performance to a higher level and to glean sustainable success through application of science and technology in high performance sport and the provision of world class healthcare and injury management plus antidoping for our national athletes. My task generally is to oversee the strategic planning, implementation and effective monitoring & evaluation of systems, processes and putting in place the right culture for Malaysian athletes to excel and succeed on the world stage in a sustainable and meaningful way. The benefits of all this work at high performance level should also be harnessed usefully to benefit society at large in terms of improving health and social indices towards a progressive, harmonious and healthy society, with the involvement of partners and stakeholders in the industry and all governmental and non-governmental organisations, both in Malaysia and internationally.
 Sports247 has the full story here

and for those who have missed the turn of things, click here

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Scapegoat of the London Olympics.

Is it really in us (Malaysia) to make someone a scapegoat for a failure or wrong doing?

The just-concluded Olympics in London is no different. But a rather surprising scapegoat candidate has emerged, so it seems based on some quotes carried by Sports247.

Yes, despite the one silver and one bronze return it was still a failure. No disrespect to Lee Chong Wei and Pandelela Rinong, who gave their all for the country, but was the RM20million spent on the Road to London programme money well spent if looked at the Games in its entirety?

Sports Minister Datuk Seri Shabery Cheek was quoted saying “The appointment of (National Sports Council Athletes Preparation Director) Shapawi to replace (National Sports Institute Chief Executive Officer) Dr Ramlan, is not controversial. For me it is to focus on the 2016 Olympics, which needs immediate action."

What does this mean?

The way I see it, action needs to be taken hence Dr. Ramlan had to be replaced. Does this mean, the humble man did not do his job well?

Sports247 has the full story here

So Shapawi has taken over and Dr. Ramlan has been appointed as Special Advisor to the Sports Minister/Ministry despite discussions still on-going over his position.

How is it that one can be appointed despite the position being unclear?

If haven't been following the chain of event over the matter, Foul! has it all.

I was torn between two graphics. So here's the other one.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Forget Rio, the Olympic gold may take longer than that

Never have we been more expectant/hopeful of the ever elusive Olympic gold medal.

The just-concluded Games in London was Malaysia's best chance in hearing the Negaraku playing at an Olympic event. Yet, we put all hope on a sole individual. One that was tamed at the previous Games in Beijing four years ago.

Whether he succumbed to pressure or the injury that nearly ended this Olympic dreams played a part is something only Lee Chong Wei can answer. But one thing is for sure, the 29-year-old Perak-born-Penang-bred shuttler gave his all.

But what about the rest? Did they live up to expectations or failed to deliver. To be frank, some did while other medal hopefuls just let themselves down.

If there was one athlete that will receive the adulation from Malaysia is none other than Sarawakian Pandelela Rinong, whose last two dives in the women's 10m platform earned her a place in the national history books by being our first female athlete to stand on the podium at the biggest stage of them all. (let's count official medals only please)

Read my full wrap-up on Malaysia's Olympics campaign on Sports247 - to those that have yet to hear the news, Sept 1 it's senior writer, Sports247 for yours truly.

ps. Here's a nice color story on Pamg Joheng, our diving queen's dad. This NST piece reminds me of something The Malay Mail would have carried. Read A father's Olympian sacrifice.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shahidan and Karim on head-on?

They once had each other's back.

But have not spoken of each other much of late.

In fact Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) president Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim and deputy Karim Ibrahim could be on a head-on, according to a source within the national body.

Sport247 has it all here.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that Karim is ready to serve for another term, if elected, despite the ever pending doping inquiry on him.

Also on Sport247 here

Monday, July 09, 2012

Do we still need Government funds?

EVERYONE wants recognition, everyone wants credit and everyone wants to have the final say.

In short, everyone wants everything for themselves.

This could mean only two things — people may want to work as hard as they can to achieve all or some may take the easier option by just relying on bureaucracy to get it all.

That was the introduction to my commentary piece, From the Sidelines in today's Malay Mail, titled Government funds - bane or boon?

To those who come under the first group of people, well done. You've earned your right.

But those who fall in the second category, shame on you.

I'm not going to point fingers here, as then a defamation may follow. But the People are not stupid and may rightly see the point being driven.

Read the story published by Mailsport and you'll know where I'm headed.

Anyway back to the issue. Do we need to constantly rely on Government funds? 

From one point of view - yes but with no strings attached.

From another - it involves the athletes directly.

I had a good debate over Twitter with national athletes, bowler Zandra Aziela and swimmer Khoo Cai Lin. We agreed to disagree on many things, mainly as to why there should be government funds.

But we also conclusively agreed that some just don't deserve it. No names were mentioned but rather we spoke in general.

In short (my suggestion)

1. Funds be focused on the development of the athletes rather than the elite athletes - let's encourage self sustenance for the elite athletes or reserve funds for top notch or deserving athletes only.

2. NSC concentrates solely on the development and sports associations (NSA) be directly funded (if necessary) by the Sports Ministry.

3. Create an achievement based scheme for funding. Shape out or ship out. - some in the athletic industry have not even equaled their best in years.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Get your act right NSC!

Everyone wants power but as Peter Parker (Spiderman) was told, "with great power comes great responsibility"

However, some take responsibility a bit too seriously as they are fixated by power and want controlling everything. Power can also lead to destruction.

In this case, the athletes and Malaysian Sports are the ones who will suffer.

National Sports Council (NSC) named national diver Pandelela Rinong as the flag bearer for the Olympics opening ceremony march but DO THEY HAVE THE POWER TO SO DO???

The answer will depend on who you ask but fact remains that it is the responsibility of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM). NSC can merely recommend a candidate.

I find it humorous how NSC have written to OCM suggesting Pandelela but NSC director general Datuk Zolkples Embong went on to name her as the flag bearer the next day despite receiving no acknowledgement from the Olympic body.

OCM believes, and rightly so, that they have the final say as appeared in today's Malay Mail.

Nt: This not gutter journalism as we have nothing personal against NSC, Datuk Zolkples Embong or Pandelela, who I must say is a top notch diver. But for NSC to name the flag bearer despite not having authority just smacks arrogance!

Check former Mailsport journalist  SS. Dhaliwal and Haresh Deol' s blog for more on this.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Chong Wei may celebrate in London


A month ago he almost quit his Olympic dream. The nation's sports fraternity was in anxiety when he tore his ankle ligament at the Thomas Cup.

His withdrawal against Denmark cost Malaysia the tie but honesty the Thomas Cup was probably the last thing on his mind. It was the Olympics. Malaysia's Olympic dream of winning the elusive gold medal was in jeopardy, if not in shatters.

For the record, even if Chong Wei was fit we wouldn't have won the Thomas Cup. The rest of the team are a bunch of no hopers.

For month or so Chong Wei didn't speak much of his chances and drew a sympathetic look as he said he could only try to be at his best.

When probed if psychological help was needed, Chong Wei insisted no help needed.

Fast forward a month since his injury, and Chong Wei is already speaking if winning the Olympic gold and that his injury could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.
“I couldn’t accept it (the injury) at first but I realised it may work in my favour. There is less pressure and this allows me to give my best. If I do win the gold medal, it is for Malaysia as everyone has been waiting for it for so long.”
 And what about losing his World No. 1 status? LCW is losing no sleep over that either.
“I’m not paying much attention because it doesn’t really make much difference. My preparations have been the same and the goal’s to win the Olympics gold medal, not staying as No 1 in the world,”
All the best Chong Wei! Malaysia is behind you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get your priority right BJSS!

Maybe it's time to re-look our policies for Sports Schools.

Till then, it may be in the interest of promising athletes to give it a miss.

Why? Ask Soong Joo Vern and Darren Isaac Devadas, for they had to quit Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) as the school was proving to be more of a hindrance than a supplement to their badminton careers.

Joo Vern and Darren took matters into their own hands after BJSS insisted they, along with Ho Yen Mei, should play in the Asean schools meet instead of the Asian Junior Championships (AJC) in South Korea.

Read Rajes Paul's commentary here.

Sadly Education Ministry Sports Director Ee Hong believes the school is right in doing so and that the Priority is the schools.

"We can't look at it that way. I see this as part of their development. It's a transition to play in the Asean level before progressing to the Asian level.It's only right they play for BJSS as they come from the school. It will allow Malaysia to showcase to the rest of the Southeast Asian countries that our sports schools are doing well," said Ee Hong

Do we have our priorities right?
Why is it that the Education Ministry's policy is that the schools be given priority instead of the country?
Why subject an athlete to a lower grade tournament instead of a much higher one?
Aren't the Sports Schools around to produce our next generation of athletes?

Those are questions to ponder.

I've heard that a certain sports school rejected a Form Five promising athlete a place in the school because it was already a SPM year for him and that the school didn't want their SPM stats to be affected.

Agreed, academic values should be instilled as well, but not at the expense of sports. To the school in concern, your KPI should be the talent you produce not SPM statisics.

I still feel Sports Schools should come under the purview of the Sports Ministry not the Education Ministry.

Click here to read previous posting on the matter. It's just another instance of a sports school being a hindrance.

Monday, June 18, 2012

He said, She said (Karim's Inquiry)

Pic above does not imply anything nor indicate such act occurred in the posting below.

Evidence is defined on as:-

1. -that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof.
2. -something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign: His flushed look was visible evidence of his fever.
3. -Law . data presented to a court or jury in proof of the facts in issue and which may include the testimony of witnesses, records, documents, or objects.

At the on-going inquiry on the doping fiasco the Malaysian Amateur Athletics (MAF) and it's deputy president Karim Ibrahim are tangled in, evidence is one of the key factors that have suspended the supposedly four days trials until July 5.

Heading the independent inquiry panel is well respected former Court of Appeal judge Tan Sri V.C. George. Even for man of his caliber, the evidence recorded may not be enough to reach a conclusive answer. He had admitted that there are two versions of the story and that they have yet to identify the right one. Read No end in sight for a recap.

and then after weeks or rather months of silence, a letter from a Bulgarian doctor named Gueorgui Ananiev Baldjiysky crops up to the attention of everyone. Read extracts of the letter in 'I never provided banned substances'

The Bulgarian along  Karim have been alleged to have conspired in giving relay runner Yunus Lasalleh performance enhancement drugs. Such accusation came from Yunus himself, supported by the coaches and other athletes.

With the lack of substantiated evidence, this could well be a case of Party A's words against Party B's.

I don't know which side of the story is true either but one thing I know is that whether Karim is found guilty or not, the athletes in concern (including the six who bolted from random tests) must be handed heavy sentences.

Yes mitigation is allowed but what good will it do for the sports fraternity. It will give birth, if already not present, to the finger pointing culture.

But if mitigation is not given much consideration, it will teach a lesson to athletes that they should be aware of what goes into their systems and to only take “medication” from those entrusted by ISN, and not even their coaches.

Mailsport's From the sidelines touches on this today. There should be No excuses by all parties.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

'Vote-buying' or Perks?

pic taken from Permatang Pauh by-election campaign poster

Vote-buying has been an issue our political scene have been battling for long. But what constitutes vote buying?

Can incentives and perks be construed as vote buying. If it is then it is illegal. But where do we draw the line? That's if we can, as it is surely a fine one.

Let's look at the situation at Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF)

It's president, Datuk Seri Shahidan, has long started the trend of handing out allowances/incentives/perks to its council members. It wasn't the case pre-2006. Now, he is crying foul that their impending AGM - which will see all top posts being contested - may have to deal with vote buying.

While he fell short of accusing anyone and some have even mentioned that this is one way of him staying in power longer.

Well the vote buying may be true - but then again what constitute vote buying?

Honestly, I'm dumbfounded on this. If someone gives you something in good will, then it shouldn't be vote buying right?

Two of the most out-speaking MAF council members have defended Shahidan and insist that all the hand-outs by Shahidan are done in good faith.

According to Malacca AAA secretary Rengan Pakkri and his Johor counterpart S. Rajasegram believes that Incentives are not 'vote buying'

I'm in the middle on this. Could someone please share some light?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Shape up or ship out BAM. Simple!

In Malaysia, one has three options too - shape up, ship out, or live in denial.

It wouldn't take a genius to decide which is the most followed. I see it a bit too often.

Former BA of Malaysia president Tan Sri Elyas Omar wants the current management to make way after failing to stop the slide in the sport and more importantly, failing to deliver.

Leave the Thomas Cup aside, many of us didn't pay much attention to it - as expected Malaysia failed to deliver.

We have the World No.1 in Lee Chong Wei but we also have one of the worst back-ups, if compared to other Badminton nations.

"They (BAM) shouldn't be given a second chance to improve the sport. They are accountable for the slide and as they fill a position of trust, they should give the public an explanation," said the former KL mayor.

Since they have failed to shape up despite knowing for several years that only Chong Wei can be relied upon, they should ship out no?

Sadly, as what Elyas had to say, it is not in our culture to vacate posts after failures.

"If we fail we got to change. Look at English Premier League teams. After few bad results, the manager is changed. We don't have that in our culture. People here are not embarrassed.

"If BAM can't bring back the glory days... back to the top 3 or 4 in the world.... then there should be changes in the organisation," he added.

So does Elyas Omar want to take helm at BAM once again? and maybe bring back the glory days?

That he said, is for the public to decide, not individuals. But he is more than willing to offer BAM his input for the betterment of the sport.

I have a question. What platform does the public have?

Read more about it in today's Malay Mail.

He also spoke on why the Thomas Cup is more important than the Olympics, which everyone has been so obsessed with hopes of Chong Wei winning the gold.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Take heed from Apple Inc.

Continuity and proper promotion.

Take that out, Apple Inc. wouldn't be the company it is today. It is purely through their marketing strategy and promotion that they've reached great heights and have iPhone crazy loyalists.

First it was iPhone, then iPhone3G..... and the list goes on to iPhone4s, which is the fifth generation. This ensures continuity. Some are already speculating on the release date of the next one.

The above two aspects need to be adapted by national sports associations (NSA).

Read From the Sidelines in today's Mailsport on Wither Malaysian Sports

Here's a crux of it. 

If we had a continuity plan in store, we won't be asking many questions.

Who’s going to take over from Chong Wei? Who is going to be our squash queen when Nicol David has passed her prime? Or more importantly, do we have enough strength to win team events?
Then I had Yong Hock Kin, Ong Ewe Hock, Wong Choong Hann, Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah to emulate.
Who do the kids have now? Lee Chong Wei and Lee Chong Wei, and maybe, Lee Chong Wei.
No it wasn’t a typo error, you read that right. None of the rest in the national set-up deserve more than a passing mention.

Also some parties tend to down play the importance of having an up and running website, which is updated of course

The website of most NSAs are hopeless and cannot be relied on for information. MAF do not even have one, FAM’s gets hacked very often and then, there’re MHC...don’t even let me get started on them.
The just-concluded Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is one fine example. Everything was smoothsailing until the third day of the tournament. Then, all hell broke loose as the media officer resigned after finding an official response to an incident indifferent to him.

click here to read more.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chong Wei and BAM going through difficult times

pic by Bernama (L-R) Chong Wei, Dr. Saw Khay Yong and Dr. Nicholas Geary

Good news is that Lee Chong Wei is back on his feet and may be back on the courts in a week or so.

However, he has been advised to take Baby Steps by National Sports Institute CEO Datuk Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz.

".....but the next step will be crucial and difficult as well. He’ll need to step up his recovery without stressing his ankle.......It’s too early to say but perhaps he could return to the courts next week. But his training will be limited. He needs to increase the loading levels without over-stressing or affecting his injured parts.”

As such, Chong Wei’s training on the court will be limited to serves, shots and basic positioning and movement instead of doing lunges.

The hopes of the nation fall on Chong Wei. He may or may not reach optimum fitness in time for the London Olympics but why isn't there any able replacement, one that could carry the burden.

Former Olympic silver medalist Cheah Soon Kit raised some questions pertaining this and has put the blame on his former employers, BA of Malaysia (BAM) for the slump in badminton.

“No doubt it is difficult to produce another player like him but look at China. They have been producing world-beaters for some time now and should Lin Dan be injured they can rely on Chen Long and Chen Jin. The replacements may not be of the same standard but if it is close, then that would be sufficient,” said Soon Kit.

Click on the following links to read more on what the former national doubles coach had to say;

Friday, May 25, 2012

Should we forget that elusive Olympic gold medal?

“The race is to now on to step up from being merely a participant to a competitor.”

Those were the words of National Sports Institute CEO Datuk Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz when met at the KL Sports Medicine Centre yesterday.

Lee Chong Wei is being attended by Dr Saw Khay Yong, the man who had done tonnes of research on stem cell treatment over the years. Even his mentor Dr. Nicholas Geary is down for stem cell treatment and is eager for his doctors in UK to come to KLSMC to study the methods.

If you are wondering why the little advertisement on KLSMC and stem cells above, don't. It is not. LCW is undergoing stem cells treatment to speed-en up his healing process to get him ready for the Olympics.

Also instead of the stem cells being injected once a week, like in usual cases, LCW will have one every five days on three occasions.

The rest will be depend on how his body reacts to it and his mental readiness to step back into the courts.

The doctors have admitted, getting LCW back to his optimum for the Olympics will be the hardest part of his recovery.

Pick up a copy of The Malay Mail to read more.... or click on this links Race against time and Chong Wei's quest hits a bump.

There's one stem cells and Dr. Nicholas Geary as well. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We are still far behind

Fresh from my trip to Manchester, I've realised why our football or even sports are no where close to becoming of world standard.

The season is simple, we have failed from the very bottom - the grassroots and talent identifying.

I visited the Manchester City academy, where their youth products are developed - hopefully to become world class players.

Whether they have produced great players is secondary. We can leave that to another day.

But the structure in place is there for all to benefit.

Think football, Think studies. Both can't go along some would say. Well in Malaysia I have no doubts but in Manchester, those two work well together.

Anyway read yesterday's Mailsport comparing the system in place at City's academy and those sports schools in Malaysia, yes the ones some parents don't want to send their kids to.

Here's more commentaries from Manchester :-

And here's all the news pieces.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Manchester bound - A red in the blue parts of City.

there to be explored.

Would a Manchester United fan want to watch Manchester City lift the trophy at the Etihad Stadium?

Many I know wouldn't even watch it on TV.

Yet, I'll be at the Etihad Stadium come Sunday evening to watch the probable occasion of City lifting the trophy.

For I will be the Devil in Disguise in Manchester or rather the 'Stranger in the City'

I wrote a 600 word long commentary piece for The Malay Mail so please pick it up....

*sorry couldn't publish extracts of it here. 

Monday, May 07, 2012

Can we dig into our reserves?

Just for laughs

Depth is rarely given due consideration. 

But that is one aspect Malaysia is lacking - be it badminton, football, hockey, or even our politics scene.

What is being done to counter this? - Nothing. Nothing that seem to be working at least.

In football - Take Harimau Muda A for example. Ong Kim Swee could only manage to name four on the bench on April 27 as some of their players also form the core of the national football team and K. Rajagopal's boys had to play and unnecessary and insignificant friendly against lowly Sri Lanka.

In Hockey - National team coach Tai Beng Hai can't drop players even if there are disciplinary problem as there isn't able replacement.

In badminton - under performing Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong need to be split but is there another pairing? Only reason they still don the national colours is because the rest are not up to mark.

So how deep can we go? as appeared in From the SIDELINES in today's Mailsport.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

It's about saving some pride.

Usually it's the younger ones following the foot steps of senior players, who are expected to set an example.

Leave aside habits and other wrong doings, this is purely on achievement.

When the National Under-21 hockey team take the field against Iran at the Junior Asia Cup (JAC) for their opening match tomorrow, it will be about salvaging some pride for Malaysia.

The senior team has failed to qualify for Olympics and have been in the papers for all the wrong reasons. While they are now, rather insignificantly, preparing for the Sultan of Azlan Shah Cup, ALL attention and support must be given to K. Dharmaraj's boys.

The team, largely comprising the same Project 2013 boys who lifted the Sultan of Johor Cup last year, are "made of steel"

No one, not even their coach, expected to win in Johor last November. Even more after their opening matches against Australia and New Zealand didn't go their way. Yet, they showed class and grit to win the inaugural championship.

Since then they have been hyped, rather deserving, to qualify for the Junior World Cup in India next year.

News that four teams from Asia will qualify for the world event can only be good news as now all Malaysia has to do is qualify for the knock-out stages at the JAC.

But Dharmaraj insist it is not just about that. He wants his charges to go on to win the tournament, etching themselves in the history books. Malaysia's best performance was a second place finish to Pakistan in 1991.

Read the Junior Asia Cup preview in today's Mailsport.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

When silence is Golden.

No, I wasn't referring to Lee Chong Wei's hit back at National Sports Council (NSC) director general Datuk Zolkples.

oh I just love the headlines!

But rather the comments NSC DG had given to the press on LCW not attending the National Sports Awards on Tuesday.

Below are the extracts of Zolkples' comments in Harian Metro's Betulkah Demam?
“Mungkin hadiah RM20,000 itu tidak bernilai bagi orang yang berpendapatan RM2 atau RM3 juta setahun tapi bagi atlet lain seperti Pandelela Rinong yang pendapatannya kurang daripada RM50,000 setahun, nilai itu cukup besar. Mungkin kita kena naikkan nilai hadiah menjadi RM200,000 baru Chong Wei mahu hadir,” katanya.
“Saya tidak mahu kata sama ada Chong Wei sudah besar kepala atau tidak. Jika Pandelela boleh balik dalam keadaan tidak sepatutnya kerana menganggap anugerah ini penting, terpulanglah kepada anda semua untuk menilainya. Ini bukan kali pertama Chong Wei melakukan perkara begini, suka hati tidak datang ke mana-mana majlis."

Those comments should not have come. To compare with other athletes, not professional. Treat matters on a case to case basis la.

Yet, when LCW - optimistically speaking - comes back from London with the Olympic gold medal these same people will be idolizing him.

Anyway I take my hats off to LCW opening up and giving comments to Mailsport senior reporter Haresh Deol. Not often we see athletes berani buka mulut for negative matters. But when they do, it's more often than not an interesting story to write.
"Bukan saya mula, dia yang mula dulu," said LCW 
"Banyak event saya tak pergi kerana letak event pukul 3, 4 petang. Mana dia boleh blame association. Saya training la bro, macam mana mau pergi. Saya profesional atlit, saya kena train. Kalau saya tak perform atau kalah diorang first untuk hentam saya.
 Much more was said. Read Foul! for the detailed conversation

Btw, I was privy to the conversation between Haresh and Chong Wei.
LCW clearly sounded pist!

I hope more athletes would be daring and speak up against any wrong doings, be it by NSC, their association coach, etc

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A risk worth taking?

It's all about taking risk - after all nothing much can be achieved without taking risk.

That's the matter putting National Juniors coach K. Dharmaraj in a dilemma.

Does he take just one goalkeeper to the hockey Asian Junior Cup (AJC) or have a reserve keeper, who is only going to be a passenger?

The man or rather boy above, Hazrul Faiz Sobri is Dharma's No 1, 2 and 3 choice. 

"They (back-up keepers) just are nowhere near to him. I rather play a sick Hazrul," said Dharma.

Read all about Dharma taking a chance in today Mailsport.

Also, Dharma will be taking 19 players to Malacca until the AJC, whereby one will be dropped. Three players have been named as reserves just in case anyone get's injured in the build up.

He has opted against taking the 3 to Malacca unless absolutely required as he doesn't want players fighting for places to make the team. 

"I want to solely concentrate on the AJC, not selecting my squad of 18.

"I have 12 or 13 players who will form the core of the team," he added.

Read Minimising Distractions in tomorrow's Mailsport.