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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Here's our future athletes, Singapore.

Singapore may, in say 8-10 years, have better Badminton players than us.

It's not that they have en excellent development programmes or more talented youngsters, but because the Republic are offering Malaysia's top Under-12 players education scholarships and a place in the Singapore Sports School.

This was revealed by in Cradle Snatcher several days ago.

Ethical or not, is a different matter. But what can we do to stop this?

BA of Malaysia admitted that they are powerless in stopping this as Singapore has the right to give such offers.

The national body's secretary Ng Chin Chai conceded that BAM need to work with Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) in providing a better package for the young talents - maybe even a better education programme (if necessary) and more high quality coaches.

However, BJSS must change their ways. They have turned down potential talent in the past before.Should Malaysia lose more young talent, this could be a lesson for being picky.

and it is Vijhay Vick - Senior Writer, as of Sept 1, 2012 (officially).

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