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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Major shake-up?

First it was the resignation shocker by Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) secretary Maninderjit Singh, now national coach Tai Beng Hai and other national set-up coaches Nor Saiful Zaini and Stephen van Huizen are likely to be shown the door.

However, legality questions have been raised whether Coaching Committee's 'discussion' later today (Thursday) can carry any weight.

First of all there is no committee, despite having an appointed chairman in Majid Manjit Abdullah, as it has yet to be endorsed by the MHC council. The previous committee of the now-defunct MHF can't merely assume role.

Manjit, who was very accommodating, was quick to clear the air that only a 'discussion' can take place and not a meeting, They will forward findings to MHC President Tengku Abdullah Shah.

But even, if there was a committee already in place all it can do is forward a recommendation to the President and it is up to the council to decide. Hence, it is a meaningless meeting as appears in today's Mailsport.

incoming (L) Chiow Chuan and outgoing Beng Hai
pic taken from

Anyway speculation is rife that Beng Hai, Saiful, and van Huizen will be told find new jobs with Under-16 coach and 1Mas programme director Lim Chiow Chuan coming in as interim coach.

No doubt Beng Hai has to go - he doesn't even was to speak to the press as seen here after the national team failed in their last bid to qualify for Olympics.

Beng Hai had offered his resignation after the failure.

But to replace him with Chiow Chuan? Putting aside credentials, how would he juggle between junior development and senior team? Surely seeing juniors should be his priority.

Perhaps, MHC should stick with the current coaches until Olympics end and scout for a coach then. Some foreign coaches might be looking for jobs. 

pic taken from

Mike oh Mike! when will you answer your phone or even return a call or text?

News of his resignation was first flashed in Malaysian Hockey and unsurprisingly Mike was unobtainable to comment - since covering hockey September last year never have I been able to speak to him over the phone. It's either voice mail or just no answer.

I have nothing personal but a secretary of any body, association or federation should return calls at least. How else would an association disseminate news and comment on matters?

Monday, March 26, 2012

A 'Ferrari' one-two, totally unexpected

When was the last time Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Felipe Mass finished on the podium together?

It was in Korea in 2010 and the last Ferrari one two was in Germany earlier on the 2010 season.

2011 was a year to forget and based on the competitiveness and skills of both drivers, 2012 doesn't look good either.

Nevertheless it was a 'Ferrari' one-two in Sepang yesterday - only that coming in at second was Sauber Ferrari's Sergio Perez.

Alonso winning, let alone was a shocker and Perez just made the day even more unexpected.

If only Mass could be the driver he was before the eye accident some time back, if only! and the Ferrari's being faster.

Only expected incident yesterday was Team Caterham finishing last and the rain.

Read more on the Malaysia GP in today's Mailsport.

Fittingly, Alonso is still not convinced of Ferrari's competitiveness.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Schools not relied on anymore

Soon we all may have to say "Rest in Peace" to school sports.

It's no longer taken serious and conducted for the sake of it. It used to be the breeding grown for future national athletes but not anymore. 

National Sports Associations cannot rely on schools anymore and will have to produce their talent on their own.

"The school meets do not work. They have defeated the purpose of producing talent because too many compromises have been made," said  Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) secretary Maninderjit Singh.

He was referring to the on-going national schools hockey meet.

Not only is the quality of play pathetic, KL has not has their zone and State level yet.

Read Schools are a bane in today's Mailsport.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It all begins in the schools, didn't u learn?

Schools used to play an important role in producing talent.

But not anymore!

Many reasons for that, some technical but it has failed in even the organisation of it.

Being part of a largely Klang Valley only paper, KL seems to be the focus most of the time.

First it was the cross country held at the end of January. It was a State level competition but the zone level hadn't taken place yet. - It will take place in Oct!

Now, HOCKEY! - National schools meet are on-going but KL has yet to conduct neither the zone nor State level.

Read KL not doing it right  in today's  Mailsport.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Asking for trouble

How would you feel if you have been sending several emails,letters, SMSs etc to a particular individual, body, organisation etc and no one bothers to reply?

That's what is happening between the Sports Ministry and Malaysian Athletics Body  (MAF).

MAF - or MAU (depending on which paper you read as the NSA themselves can't decide), have been sent numerous letters by the Ministry but not even a single reply.

Understandably, Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek is pist. 

"I'm annoyed by their attitude. This sort of attitude by them cannot be tolerated," he told me yesterday a Moto3 team launch yesterday. 

So how did this come about?

I asked him, his take on the MAF and their non-disclosure of the doping investigation they carried out last May to NSC.

Apparently, MAF are in a world of their own and think they are on top of everyone.

Now I know why their president Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim is always evasive. Eh if you can't answer a question or solve an issue, then pls STEP DOWN!

Btw Shahidan said this during the National Sports Council - MAF programme launch ceremony yesterday. "If  don't answer or respond that means I accept that we are wrong" - mind you this was referring to responding to my fellow journalists and not letters by the Ministry


Anyway MAF is walking a thin line as appeared on Mailsport today.

For those who have not been following this closely, my colleague Haresh Deol has it all on Foul!
Read here, here, here and here.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

same story every Jan & Feb

What do athletes do when their programmes end and await a new programme?

Nothing! So how do they survive for a living? Well only they can answer.

Not even National Sport Council (NSC) as all funding are stopped.

Anyway Mailsport the story. Thankfully NSC's Arrifin Ghani (pic) says 'We'll get it right soon'

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hockey doomed!

Yes, that's right!

If the current format of the Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) and Malaysian Junior Hockey League (MJHL) is continued then the sport's following will just dwindle down - not that it hasn't yet.

Currently both leagues are decided over just a single round of matches instead of the 'home' and 'away' format that it used to be.

Consequences are that it finishes too soon and players do not get to play over a prolonged period of time.

Mailsport features a wrap-up to the just concluded MJHL season - barely 2 months since it kicked off.

Extra play time is needed to make us where we once were - among the big guns of hockey.

Granted, that this was done to allow the National team enough time to prepare for their challenges but what about the players who do not make it into the national set-up? - well they will just have to sit around and wait for a chance to shine.

It should be like football where there are breaks in between the league to cater for the national team.