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Monday, March 26, 2012

A 'Ferrari' one-two, totally unexpected

When was the last time Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Felipe Mass finished on the podium together?

It was in Korea in 2010 and the last Ferrari one two was in Germany earlier on the 2010 season.

2011 was a year to forget and based on the competitiveness and skills of both drivers, 2012 doesn't look good either.

Nevertheless it was a 'Ferrari' one-two in Sepang yesterday - only that coming in at second was Sauber Ferrari's Sergio Perez.

Alonso winning, let alone was a shocker and Perez just made the day even more unexpected.

If only Mass could be the driver he was before the eye accident some time back, if only! and the Ferrari's being faster.

Only expected incident yesterday was Team Caterham finishing last and the rain.

Read more on the Malaysia GP in today's Mailsport.

Fittingly, Alonso is still not convinced of Ferrari's competitiveness.

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