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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Malaysia v Indonesia (Nov 21)

oh no it's Paul at his best. Eh wait didn't Paul die already?

Anyway lets all hope the above is not how the SEA Games football final ends up.

It promises to be a cracker - both on and off the field - for both good and bad reasons.

So Gelora Bung Karno will be hostile as usual - boing the Negaraku, insulting our players and fans, showing vulgar signs and perhaps also threatening the safety of Malaysians. 

Unruly lot? Yes. Are we any better? Nope!

This brings me back to the Pre-World Cup qualifiers we had not too long ago where we played Singapore. The return leg was at Bukit Jalil. While Singapore's national anthem was being played, Malaysian fans, not all i must say, booed and insulted Singapore.

After Singapore had progressed on aggregate, Singapore fans were held back for more than an hour fearing their safety may be compromised had they been allowed to leave early. In fact there we a certain group of fans throwing all sorts of insults and threatening to burn them as they walk out of the stadium. 

So why is it that many are talking about our national anthem being booed? Malaysia does it too. 

Btw I'm curious as to how the players will be transported to the stadium tomorrow. Amoured tankers again? - ala the Asean Cup 2010 final.

One thing for sure should Malaysia win, we'll all have a story to tell.

Go get em' Tigers

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