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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the subjective sabotage

There's something about subjective sports that settled my doubts but surprised me nevertheless. I was told that more often than not the medal distribution was pre-determined.

As much as i find this hard to believe, i recalled the 2001 KL SEA Games  - which Malaysia won 111 gold medals and emerged champions. I can recall seeing almost every other subjective sport gold medal going to Malaysia.

The Games before that, in Brunei in 1999 - Malaysia managed 57 Gold medals... in 2003, only 43.

We were exceptionally better on home soil? I would love to say that. However, I was looking at the medal standings for the SEA Games since 2001. Only during the last edition a host did not emerge overall winners with a 100plus gold medal return and emerge overall champions.

Is it already fixed? - i would love to see someone come out of the closet on this.

Meanwhile national karate coach P. Arivalagan believes his women's kumite team have been sabotaged by a Malaysian officials.

Read here for more on this.

After the saga involving the coach and Malaysian Karate Federation in January, this could be a way to get him out. Key word - 'COULD'

Read what transpired in January here, here and here.

And this is what Arivalagan told me last week.

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