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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A never ending story!

Noraseela after winning 400m hurldes at 2009 Laos Sea Games

The national athletic scene never fails to disappoint me. I enjoy covering athletics - the drama that unfolds between Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU), National Sports Council (NSC) and to a lesser extend the athletes.

It brought me no surprise when I saw The Star's back page minutes ago - but for the first time I felt disappointed not being able to cover the SEA Games. Click here to know what unfolded in Palembang.

Hats off to Noraseela Khalid for voicing out - most athletes are to afraid to speak up against MAAU for fear of a backlash. This includes several athletes who bring back honours for the country.

It was good for her to stand up for 4x400m gold medal winning team S. Kannathasan, P. Yuvaraaj, Schzuan Ahmad Rosely and Mohd Yunus Lasaleh. The quartet were not given a chance for a medal finish and was also a last minute inclusion to the Games. They had to return to Malaysia even before the prize giving ceremony as their flight was already booked.

What a shame MAAU! - why is it that athletes fly back earlier but officials stay on until the end?

MAAU and Noraseela are not in the best of terms. She was shouted at previously at the MAAU office when she went to ask about her welfare. All this because Karim Ibrahim sees her as the golden daughter of NSC director general Zolklpes Embong, oh he's no saint too.

I hope more athletes will come out of the shadows and reveal their dissatisfaction. Maybe then something can be done - only maybe.


  1. Dato Shahidan Kassim should resign. IT'S A GREAT SHAME AND EMBARRASMENT. FOUR OF OUR ATHLETE HEROES COULD NOT BE PRESENT TO GET THEIR GOLD, READ MY LIPS, GOLD, GOLD GOLD !! MEDAL !!! Just because the damned MAAU failed to get another flight back for them ? Why and what on earth ? Shahidan could get them another ticket so that our 4 athletes could get the honour to be at the medal presentation ceremony and be honoured by all those present there ? !!

    And WHAT IS ANOTHER DAMNED TICKET COMPARED TO THE HIGH HONOUR THAT OUR 4 HEROES HAD EARNED FOR OUR COUNTRY ? Shahidan and your pathetic clown officer bearers of MAAU, you go to hell.

    You know, from the begining I know Shahidan Kassim is a no good leader of sports or politics. He only know how to embroiled himself in polemics, his red tapes, his idiosyncracies, and his pathetic men running the MAAU.

    Shahidan, I tell you this, if you have any balls and honour, just resign after what you did to our 4 heroes. RESIGN NOW and say this loudly to Shahidan and his overweight clowns in MAAU.

  2. Agree Bro. Shahidan should resign and PM Najib should read this column. What is the MAAU for ? For some idiot officials to get free flight tickets when there are sports tournaments overseas ? DAMN THE MAAU. You idiot and poor speaking soul who doesn't know the elementary words of English and certainly doesn't know what welfare for athletes are all about.

    And our 4 heroes ? !! My hearts cry out for them. They did all the honour for this country, our 1 Malaysia, two Indians and 2 Malays. They took sports to it's best. And won gold. Yes, mama, gold and the gold. And yet idiot Shahidan dan MAAU and even pathetic Zolkples Embong could not ensure that these four were given the honour of being presented the medals.

    Damn you Shahidan. We hate you.