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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pathetic treatment for Harimau Malaya in Bangkok

That pretty much sums up Malaysia's first outdoor training session in Bangkok.

Do I need to say more besides "This field is f**king pathetic!"?

It was not really a field day for Malaysia. (click on the link to read more and see more pictures of the deplorable state of the so called 'Stadium' allotted to Malaysia to training)

Simply put, it is high time Malaysia play similar tactics to foreign teams such as Thailand and Indonesia (where is just wasn't safe to do anything).

But no, Malaysia will not resort to similar acts. We are gracious hosts and providing the best for visitors/foreigners/immigrants/etc has always been one of our values. Let's continue that despite getting shit from our neighbours.


  1. Don't complain. All training should have been done at home, not wait till the last moment. Period

    1. Are you stupid or what? With that kind of pitch, our footballers can get injured and that's the last thing we need with the squad now ravaged with injuries.

      Other than that the athletes need the best facilities to keep their game at the top and that kind of pitch can only serve the kindergarden kind of football.