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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Was Palembang ever ready for SEA?

Just got off the phone with Mazidul Akmal Sidik, who is in Palembang covering the SEA Games for TV3.

Our coversation lasted a while - mainly revolving around the incapability of the host.

In a nutshell, "This is probably the worst organised Games," he said.

While he doesn't expect much from the organisers, he believes that basic facilities should be present. Transportation is in a mess, Internet connection is in shambles and the International Broadcast Centre is a disappointment.

A Singapore TV channel and another country,  of which Mazidul is not too sure of the identity, suffered a drop in signal/coverage while live on air.

Also there is no coordination of the events and proper scheduling is almost non-existant. let's just not go on about the team sheet, match list, etc.

Word is that media organisations, initiated by Thailand, are planning to send a petition to the host stating their dissatisfaction towards the organisation of the Games.

My tongue is tied here - I can't say much as I'm not one of the foreign media covering the regional games. Hence you decide

pic taken from

oh wait, are those our reporters sitting on the floor due to lack of tables and chairs?

"Bapak lihat, Palembang sememangnya tidak bersedia menganjurkan acara sukan ini tetapi bak dipaksa supaya bersetuju. Saya tinggal di daerah ini, jalan menjadi kelam-kabut. Pihak pemerintah hanya sekadar inginkan acara ini berlangsung sukses tanpa mempunyai perancangan terbaik agar tidak menyusahkan penduduk tempatan," ujarnya

well that was a excerpt taken from Mazidul Akmal's website... read here and here for the full version...

While the above two links may be less on sports and more of the people in Palembang. The Star's Kng Zheng Guan gives his view on the Games and the opening ceremony. 

Read here and tell me if Palembang was ever ready to be co-host for the SEA Games. 
Weren't they initially supposed to be the sole host? hmmmm

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