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Friday, November 11, 2011

Leave Khairul Fahmi alone!

The following two pictures surfaced a forth night ago... I don't see a big deal, but obviously some people do. Why? Some trying to appear holier than thou!

Khairul Fahmi or commonly known as Apek wants this issue to be put to bed. After all he had already come out saying he doesn't drink. Read here. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

The pictures do not show him having a drink or two - just a Black Label bottle on the table and there's a huge fuss. Since the said place is Werner's in Jalan Changkat, Bukit Bintang, why not those making noise go check out the place on a friday/saturday night.

pic taken from

Khairul is currently with the SEA Games squad in Indonesia - defending the title we won in Laos. He wants to concentrate on the task at hand and not battle his private life. Plus after the SEA Games, he will be with the Olympic qualifying squad.

Here are some snips from Twitter 

I'm sure if Khairul Fahmi fails to perform many will jump the gun and refer his form to his private life. Shallow!

Fact is Apek has been overworked this season. Let's see - Kelantan No.1, National senior squad No.1 - all friendlies and pre World Cup qualifying, National Under 23 No.1 - friendly matches,SEA Games, Olympic qualifiers.

Khairul Fahmi to suffer burnout? I hope not - to save him from unnecessary backlash.

Who are we to judge another? Let the One above decide.



  1. Agree. People are just making a fuss out of it when its actually nothing.

  2. well said..... its just normal human nature, moreover Malaysia...... Its not the first time this has taken place..

  3. true..leave him alone kubur masing masing.. :)

  4. Nobody's perfect right?
    Maybe that just a hoax?who knows

  5. I am extremely annoyed at these pictures! The person posting them is so irresponsible! I mean, if you want to post pictures of hot chicks, at least zoom in on the hot chick black in the middle!! I mean seriously dude! Next time, focus on whats important... namely the hottest chick in the frame! Right, i need some special alone time now...