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Friday, November 25, 2011

Air Asia dumbfounded

How is it that Air Asia's commercial department know nothing about 'Malaysia Air Asia' being entered into a Under-16 hockey tournament in Australia?

Here's a story that will probably never make print. Why? - go do the maths yourself.

pics taken from

It was first reported by SS Dhaliwal here. I merely got response from the low cost carrier and spoke to 1 Mas project director Lim Chiow Chuan. 

(pls read the link above before proceeding)

Malaysia Air Asia has been entered for the FHE Cup in Perth this weekend. Chiow Chuan insists this is not a national team. Then why use the national flag and create a misconception?

Anyway what puzzled me is the response from Air Asia. I had a pleasant conversation with their Commercial Director Jasmine Lee, who was very accommodating to me.

“I can say officially that there is no such deal. This is the first time I’m hearing of it,” she said
“All commercial matters involving sports have to go through my department. I’ve checked with the Air Asia X branch and Group CEO’s office. No one is in the know of any sponsorship with 1 MAS.”

Jasmine also added that it is not a norm for a company’s name to be used as the team name, more so one that is representing Malaysia.

“It is only when we (Air Asia) are title sponsors that our name appears, like the Air Asia Asean Basketball League (ABL). Otherwise it is usually just the logo on the attire,” she added.

Anyone care to explain what's going on with 1 Mas here?

Anyway why bother, we live in a world where money talks bullshit walks. 

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