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Saturday, November 19, 2011

.....and it can only get Worst

I just received a text from Mazidul Akmal Sidik, referring me to his blog.

Some 1300 SEA Games volunteers were told by SMS that their services were no longer required despite having a contract till Nov 22. - some400 took matters into their own hands and gathered in front of the media centre.

Now the entire SEA knows - unless of course they've been living in timbuktu and have no access to what's happening around.

This called for the presence of security forces around Media Centre to prevent any unruly behaviour. 

They now demand to be paid in full and for the Games committee to be transparent.... or else they will gather in front of the media centre again.

Despite many wanting to forget this Games, it will be the most remembered - for all the wrong reasons that is. 
Besides basic facilities, the fundamentals as host is missing. 

1. A Malaysian photographer not allowed into athletes area for aquatics - when it has not been an issue previusly. Read it here - there's more to it.
2. Mix up of flag as seen here.
3. Fans disrespecting our Negaraku. - well honestly we deserved this. Malaysian fans booed Singapore's national anthem during the pre-World Cup qualifying match in Bukit Jalil not too long ago.
4. Stadium emcee taking the mic to cheer on Indonesia against Malaysia - now that's a first. No class!

*all this are based on what I heard from my fellow members of the Media who are in either Palembang or Jakarta, frustrated and shocked.

My guess is Indonesia can dream of hosting a sport bigger then the SEA Games as they have failed to showcase capability during this regional games.

On a side note, cheer Malaysia on later at 5pm when we play Myanmar for a place in the SEA Games football final.

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