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Friday, February 24, 2012

Politics into play? - Part 2, An open letter from JFL

I'd like to personally thank Zaini Mazlan the coordinator of SJCYFL for his comments. I agree that there is much untapped talent nationwide. We have actually come up with a plan to reach all the states years ago and had shared it to our sponsors so that they could see the long term benefits of such plans. Unfortunately in hindsight, we were too transparent.

While it is clear that 1MCC has followed exactly our formula right down to the design of registration forms and teams, playing fields and prize money as such, we have decided for the development of football in the country we will allow them to do so. To stop them will mean stunting the development of our youth. And that WE WILL NOT do.

For the past 3 years we have persevered through the tough times just to prove to people and show them the talent and the ability of our kids. At great cost we have developed a tv highlights show for Astro as they also saw that potential. Whilst we have literally written the book nationally, it has been without any government funds at all. Friends, family and now sponsors who saw that potential joined us.

We are a sports marketing company and not individuals, but it is true we are up against a big corporation seemingly backed politically. Companies of our size are the lifeblood of this country and eventually the powers to be will see that. Just like in sports, life is filled with competition but everyone cheers for the small guy who gave it his all. Keeping ourselves firmly focussed on the ideals and goals we set out with will ensure and encourage others to do the same.

My personal belief is that sports should be politics free, just like the leagues in Australia, UK, US, Germany etc. While we were hard at work in the unfashionable world of grassroots football, no one came around to encourage us but the rakyat. There were no speeches, handshaking of the sort. This was football; simple, pure with innocent kids and parents involved.

I'm glad it has evolved and grown with Astro's broadcast and our hard work. Now that it's become fashionable it's great to see others take up the mantle and run with it. Though it disappoints us that they have followed our formula, it's great to know that our malaysian ingenuity has opened doors for many other kids.

While it is an uphill climb to success, we will continue to do so and ensure that more kids are exposed to competitive football. We will continue to keep ourselves focussed on the development of the game with the JFL and we fear no competition. As innovators and creators of the JFL, we now know what possibly Steve Jobs felt like when he saw a competitors copy of the Iphone. he just went back in and made his Iphone better!

Like Vince Lombardi said' " Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else".

By Manvir J, JFL Communication Director.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Politics into play? - Part 2

Question still remains - what is going on? I mean what strings have been pulled.

Lets be honest, no one would use "1Malaysia" in their business entity unless it has 'their' backing?

Okay some may argue that 1Malaysia can also mean an honest, unlike BN's political agenda, promotion of a multiracial concept.

But the use of the very same logo that PM initiated just makes me wonder.

Anyway read the latest on the 1Malaysia Cardiff City (1MCC) - Junior Football League (JFL) row in today's Mailsport.

Subang Jaya Community Youth Football League (SJCYFL) coordinator Zaini Mazlan, who I admit has no reason to step into this, hopes parties could Broaden the base.

Anyway, yes, we wanted to ask a third party how would they feel if a corporation barges in to rival them.

The answers, I would think, are fairly neutral.

If you have missed the first part, read the previous post on Bottom Line.

Btw I wish some parties could answer questions that I have.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Politics into play?

pic taken from

Just a glance at 1MCC and one would assume it was politically connected. Well who wouldn't think so considering the use of the 1Malaysia (ugh) logo.

Anyway pure football matters - let's leave the politics out and concentrate on the football matters. Yes we'll assume that no politics are involved.

So Junior Football League and 1MCC are at loggerheads - well all because both want to run junior league programmes concurrently and at the same venue.

Here's what JFL had to say in yesterday's Mailsport - Leagues of their own.

Anyway I get a call around noon yesterday from 1MCC regarding the story. Details of the conversations I cannot publish.

But here's their official response in today's Mailsport - '1MCC are a playing football club'

Anyway you readers are smart and I don't need to say much. Draw up your own conclusions.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Former national chief coach Harun Rasheed (pic) feels like a free man - thanks to the national coaches and athletes.

pic taken from The Malay Mail

Their decision to hand a petition to MAU president Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim demanding the resignation of deputy president Karim Ibrahim and implicating the former coaching committee chairman for the doping scandals that has rocked the athlete scene makes Harun vindicated.

However was it the right thing to do? - considering that the B samples of Yunus Lasaleh, Sea Games 4x400m gold medal winner, had yet to be made official by Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM). 

Harun for one doesn't think so.

But that has already been done and no point dwelling on it. What's going to happen now?

"Whoever is responsible for the doping should face the consequences," said Harun

But he also believes this saga will serve as a lesson to everyone.

"We should stand for what we think is right. Hopefully in the future athletes will be bolder."

Meanwhile Malacca AAA secretary Rengan Pakkri vows that the State will be behind Karim as he is Innocent until proven guilty.

"He is from our State. We must back him as we are only hearing one side of the story," said Rengan.

"It is also possible that NSC are manipulating the athletes. They always want to control things. But if he is guilty then he must not contest in the next elections."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Dope King?

Is Malaysian Athletics Union (MAU) deputy president Karim Ibrahim the dope king in our athletic scene?

The six that bolted from a doping test have blamed Karim, so has then national coach Harun Rasheed (still feel he should have come out way sooner to protect his integrity as coach)

Now, Sabahan Yunus Lasaleh - a member of the national 4x400m - blames Karim for him being tested positive for doping at the Sea Games, which the quartet won gold.

Yesterday was a dramatic day at the National Sports Council (NSC) - it was supposed to be a working committee meeting between MAU and NSC but athletes and coaches had other plans.

They wanted to hand a petition of MAU president Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, demanding the resignation of Karim. It was signed by most athletes and coaches.

But the former Perlis MB got defensive.... sigh! and as usual calls to Karim went unanswered.

Read how the dram unfolded in Mailsport, NST and The Star.

It was fun nonetheless - but embarassing!

No 1 despite pathetic preparations.

Something is just not quite right. Jawariah Noordin, despite the lack of tournaments and training since 2009, is still National No. 1. 

Why aren't sponsors coming up to fund her? - Due to this she can't compete in many tournaments.

The 22-year-old has not taken part in many tournaments since 2009 - partly due to sour ties with Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM) and that NSC have not done much despite openly stating they will back here.

The national set-up had trials last week to determine the two qualifiers wildcard entries into the WTA Malaysian Open. Jawariah, an invite to the trials, swept all before her.

Considering the lack of preparations, amazing. 

However there are only More woes for national No.1 as she isn't sure what's next for her.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ikut Boss??

Hmmm... If only we all could put the blame on our bosses when we break the law or do something unwarranted.

No I'm not saying former national coach Harun Rasheed (pic) took the easy way out by pinning the blame on Malaysian Athletic Union (MAU) Karim Ibrahim.

pic taken from The Malay Mail

I just find it ridiculous that one can put their own integrity on the line and go against job ethics just becasue on "Boss' orders".

Anyway if you have no idea what this post is regarding, please check my previous post.

Read today's Mailsport for Harun's response to Karim's claim that he is being used by National Sports Council (NSC)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Will the drama in athletics ever stop?

Nope! I don't see it coming to a halt any time soon. Sad though...

So what's new?

pic taken from The Malay Mail.

Their latest mess? - former national chief coach Harun Rasheed blaming deputy president Karim Ibrahim for the six that sprinted away from the doping test as highlighted by NST.

Meanwhile Karim insists that this was a ploy by some top brass in National Sports Council (NSC) to remove him from office. 

Sigh! grow-up la... Just because you can't work with someone you don't go trying to remove him. 

Reminds me of my kid years.... "Don't fren with A kay. I fought with him"

Anyway Karim tells his side of the story in today's Mailsport.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Time for a closed door velodrome.

Azizulhasni Awang (pic) is a world class cyclist - having won numerous titles over the last several years.

One would think he is hot favourite for the gold medal in the Keirin and Sprint event at the upcoming Asian Cycling Championship (ACC) - considering he will have home ground advantage.

But the 24-year-old Terengganu lad dismisses any advantage.

Why? - Simple, he is used to training in a closed velodrome while the ACC will be held at the Cheras veledrome, which is open air. Azizulhasni trains in Australia.

Azizulhasni believes it's Time for covered veledrome

Last week he urged fellow cylist Mariana Mohammad, who had a nasty mishap during time trials, not to push too hard.

Friday, February 03, 2012

What's going on LTAM?

The national tennis players along out-of-favour and arguably Malaysia's best women's tennis player Jawariah Noordin will undergo trials next week for the two WTA Malaysian Open qualifiers wildcard entry spots.

But where's S. Thieviya? - last's year sole Malaysian qualifiers wildcard receiver

Pic taken from The Star

National coach Deen Heshaam Tan Abdullah says she was invited but did not respond here

However Thieviya and her dad-cum-coach Selvarajoo are denying this.

Selvarajoo, who formerly coached the national team, had initially thought Thieviya was not good enough hence Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia had not invited her.

"If they don't want her around, just say it. Don't have to say we didn't respond," said Selvarajoo.

Read what Selvarajoo and Theiviya had to say in today's Mailsport

Last year, LTAM came under fire for only using up one wildcard - Ajitpal Singh has the story here
Their reasoning was that Theiviya was the only one that asked to play.

The 2012 WTA Malaysian Open will be held at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Club from Feb 27 - March 4.