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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Will the drama in athletics ever stop?

Nope! I don't see it coming to a halt any time soon. Sad though...

So what's new?

pic taken from The Malay Mail.

Their latest mess? - former national chief coach Harun Rasheed blaming deputy president Karim Ibrahim for the six that sprinted away from the doping test as highlighted by NST.

Meanwhile Karim insists that this was a ploy by some top brass in National Sports Council (NSC) to remove him from office. 

Sigh! grow-up la... Just because you can't work with someone you don't go trying to remove him. 

Reminds me of my kid years.... "Don't fren with A kay. I fought with him"

Anyway Karim tells his side of the story in today's Mailsport.


  1. Can't work with someone or this someone is better than you and will make you look like a dumb arse idiot that you are.
    Anyway, there's always two side of a coin.

    1. Try to know karim and you will be his arse at short time. Asked him why 3 general manager resign even though they been handpick by the great karim

  2. ask karim he will say no.....then ask the coach surely say want the true story ask the victims then surely get the whole drama and a director..

  3. Bro please la ask the athlete and other coaches about karim and don't be karim personal spokesman

    Ex national

  4. If one wants to hide behind the 'Anonymous' curtain then we shall leave this at it is. Fair Deal...

    My point is fight for what is right, publicly, even if it means going against those higher than you. After all truth prevails.