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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Politics into play?

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Just a glance at 1MCC and one would assume it was politically connected. Well who wouldn't think so considering the use of the 1Malaysia (ugh) logo.

Anyway pure football matters - let's leave the politics out and concentrate on the football matters. Yes we'll assume that no politics are involved.

So Junior Football League and 1MCC are at loggerheads - well all because both want to run junior league programmes concurrently and at the same venue.

Here's what JFL had to say in yesterday's Mailsport - Leagues of their own.

Anyway I get a call around noon yesterday from 1MCC regarding the story. Details of the conversations I cannot publish.

But here's their official response in today's Mailsport - '1MCC are a playing football club'

Anyway you readers are smart and I don't need to say much. Draw up your own conclusions.


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