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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Former national chief coach Harun Rasheed (pic) feels like a free man - thanks to the national coaches and athletes.

pic taken from The Malay Mail

Their decision to hand a petition to MAU president Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim demanding the resignation of deputy president Karim Ibrahim and implicating the former coaching committee chairman for the doping scandals that has rocked the athlete scene makes Harun vindicated.

However was it the right thing to do? - considering that the B samples of Yunus Lasaleh, Sea Games 4x400m gold medal winner, had yet to be made official by Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM). 

Harun for one doesn't think so.

But that has already been done and no point dwelling on it. What's going to happen now?

"Whoever is responsible for the doping should face the consequences," said Harun

But he also believes this saga will serve as a lesson to everyone.

"We should stand for what we think is right. Hopefully in the future athletes will be bolder."

Meanwhile Malacca AAA secretary Rengan Pakkri vows that the State will be behind Karim as he is Innocent until proven guilty.

"He is from our State. We must back him as we are only hearing one side of the story," said Rengan.

"It is also possible that NSC are manipulating the athletes. They always want to control things. But if he is guilty then he must not contest in the next elections."

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  1. How can a coach who says he knew about his athlete taking dope and failed to protect his athlete, leaked it to the press or tell any national authorities feel vindicated? He could have saved his athlete and Malaysia and didn't. How and why should we believe what he now alleges about MAU's Karim Ibrahim?

    More likely, Rahseed was complicit while Karim merely advised his athlete to see the doctor for proper medical services (trusting his head coach), and Rasheed and the doctor, fooled them both.

    After all, Rasheed alleges Karim order doping back in May(2011) yet all athletes were tested and found negative. Only Rasheed and his Bulgarian doctor associate were present at both incidents?