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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No hope for Malaysian football

It seems Malaysia can dream about being a footballing nation. The standards of football here will not improve too.

Why? - simple, we lack the infrastructure.

Says who? - Lim Teong Kim (pic)

Some may ask who is this man?

He is arguably Malaysia's most accomplished man in football. Having played for Malacca, Selangor and KL in the M-League, he also enjoy a year stint at Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin. Today he is the assistant coach for Bayern Munich U-19.

Having been there and done that - who can better speak of the standards here than Teong Kim.

Understandably he is "sick and tired speaking of Malaysian football".

All this because "people here ask for advice but don't take whatever is given seriously". Sigh.

Teong Kim is every ready to lend a helping hand to our football scene but "no one seems to want it seriously"

Read what Teong Kim had to say in the Q&A session I had with him on Sunday where he laments lack of infrastructure - even the condition of the field at Victoria Institution was not spared.

Meanwhile it's interesting to note how times have changed.

Three decades ago, several Japan FA officials made a trip to Malaysia to learn more about our semi-pro league. 
Last weekend, three officials from FAM left for Japan to look at their professional league. 
Such is the irony.
Haresh Deol has the story on this here. Btw the way I love Karate Kid!


  1. Agree completely. When professional advice and opinions are given, they need to be taken seriously.

    That's the trouble with any and all Malaysian sports... It seems that "The professional knows less than the politician". Its as though being a Datuk or Dato' or whatever, makes you into the ultimate authority on anything that you choose to undertake.

  2. As a grassroot coach myself, i been following Teong Kim's progress in Germany. He has proven that we do have quality in the coaching section but when it comes national football infrastructure, we are way too far from our neighbours Japan & Korea. Time for "FAM" to listen to the "PROS". Let the pro's to do their job & keep politics away for good.