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Monday, December 19, 2011

Put Emotions aside

Former karate exponent R. Puvaneswaran urges the current batch of athletes to put aside their emotions and concentrate on Karate for themselves and not their masters.

Exponents had previously threatened to walk out from the national stable if head coach P. Arivalagan was not retained. Puvanesvaran, ironically, was one of them.

But now, perhaps in the capacity of a coach, he wants the exponents to stay on.

"It is their career. They have to leave emotions of the picture. Coaches will come and go," he said.

Arivalagan and Puvaneswaran are unsure of their future as Makaf have yet to inform them anything. While Puvanesvaran looks likely to be retained, a huge question remains on Arivalagan's future....

Read what Puvanesvaran had to say here

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