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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Leave me out of this, I've got my battle with injuries to focus on

Quite rightly national high jumper Lee Hup Wei refuses to be dragged into the ever on-going spat between the national athletic body (MAU) and National Sports Council (NSC)

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Instead he wants to concentrate on staying injury free in 2012. This is after having bad luck - forced to sit in the sidelines for most of the year.

Yet he won the Sea Games gold in Indonesia last month but he does not want to get carried away...

He tells Mailsport that he will need at least another four to five months to be back in the business. Hopefully when London Olympics come, he'll be at his best. Not that a gold medal is expected but it's always good seeing our athletes do well.

Meanwhile please do read NST's MAU going nowhere fast! for a an understanding how the year has been for Malaysian athletics. 

In short, it falls short of the expectations.

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