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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Show us the hunger!

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"Local tennis players will have to act as professionals if they want to play in the professional circuit,' said national tennis body's (LTAM) president Tan Sri Abdul Razak Latiff.

After facing criticism for only using one qualifying wildcard at the 2011 WTA Malaysian Open - reason being only one player (S. Theiviya) came forward and requested to play.

Jawariah Noordin (pic), arguably Malaysia's best women tennis player, was no where to be seen. It's long established that Jawariah and LTAM don't see eye-to-eye but let's not dwell too much into that.

Abdul Razak insist the selection process will be the same for the 2012 edition, only that this time national coach Deen Heesham will be selecting the national representative.

However there is a catch, those not under the national stable - like Jawariah - will have to come forward and approach LTAM. If not Deen will pick as he sees fit - surely those under LTAM will get the nod.

Step up Jawariah - let's have two national reps and quality ones too.

While the intentions of LTAM may be good - this concept or rather mindset has not been instilled in local athletes. Perhaps it's time to stop spoon feeding athletes.

In a way I agree with Abdul Razak - players must show hunger to play. 

Read all about it here.

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