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Friday, December 30, 2011

Finally a proper format..... but

FA of Malaysia has released the format of the M-league for the 2013 - 2016. In short teams will not be left wondering whether they are relegated.

All seems good except one thing....see for yourself.

 M-League 2013-2016
- Super League and Premier League will comprise of 12 teams each.
- Super League : top nine teams, LionsXII, champion of Premier League while final spot will be decided in a play off between the Premier League runners-up and the remaining Super League teams.

At the expense of a local team, LionsXII cannot be relegated. So if they play badly and finish bottom, they will still have a spot in the Super League.

Of course perhaps our Harimau Muda A is getting the same treatment in the S-League but this is just not right. Teams have to play in the respective leagues on merit not some arrangement made between two FAs.

Many might disagree with me but well that should be the nature of a league.

Of course it is unlikely they'll finish bottom - even our Harimau Muda A finished fifth last season, that of course considering LionsXII is equallly strong.

Anyway format and arrangements have already been done. For the sake of being professional, let's all hope FAM does not move the goal post at some point of the season.

Check out Foul! for all the decisions made by the FAM Competitions Committee yesterday.

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