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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lack of proper planning..... again!

What's new? - Nothing!

This year athletes had to choose between representing state at SUKMA or at the national schools meet (MSSM).

This didn't go too well with some parties as some opted for the MSSM instead. But of course there are two sides to a coin.

Read all about it here.

Things are unlikely to change but this time athletes will have to choose between representing state or country at school level.

Oh wait even NSC is not sure when SUKMA is going to be but the recently launched website states it will be July 5-14, 2012.

Even MoE is left in the dark over this.
If the two events clash, the ministry will enforce the ‘Students competing in tournaments organised by associations or national bodies’ circular dated Oct 11, 1995. Paragraph 3.2 of the circular states: “If a competition organised by an association or national body clashed with an MSSM competition, preference will be given for the MSSM as the student is required to represent his State at the MSSM and beyond (Asean, Asia etc),” said Education Ministry sports unit director Ee Hoong.
Haresh Deol has the story here.

Will there ever be proper planning?......

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