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Thursday, December 01, 2011

National Football Awards - a small affair.

pic taken using BlackBerry

There were more empty seats than people at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie yesterday. Why?

There were more media personnel than players and club/state officials put together.

I'm beginning to think if the event was for 100plus or the players. Only four of the five award winning players turned up. Same was the case for last year's awards at Hilton.

Even K. Rajagopal and Ong Kim Swee were not around.

FAM deputy president is understandably disappointed with this.

Read The Malay Mail for more on the shambolic awards and what Tan Sri Annuar Musa had to say.

Maybe for next year's awards it should 
1.  be Held at night
2. in a more accessible venue
3. Get all the nominees to attend.
4. Each state FA/clubs to send representatives

Re-branding is definitely needed but will those involved willing to do so?
Also we cannot keep re-branding but nothing really changes.

Haresh Deol has his views here while NST carried it here

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