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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Indonesia v Malaysia - the ugly truth

I'll have to admit I never gave Malaysia a chance of defending their SEA Games title. Not often am I glad to be proven wrong but this time I'm more than DELIGHTED...

However, this victory has been marred by the death of two Indonesian fans with several others injured. While our papers will be filled with the young Tigers' moments of glory, it must not be forgotten that as much as football is a beautiful game it can be an ugly game too. Those two did not have to lose their lives.

Read here on the death of Reno and an unidentified victim.

It's has been said that keys to the ambulance were lost. The Jakarta Globe reported the ambulance, carrying both the bodies, could not get out of the stadium due to the crowd and cars. I hope the Indonesian press highlight and get a response to this.

Read here for Mazidul Akmal Sidik's version of what's going on in Indonesia.

For the Malaysian team, all work begins from here. Where do we go next? 
We have proven that we are the best football side in the region at this level yet again. Now we need to build on this and dominate the region. The Tigers had won the Asean Cup last year but Singapore raised questions to our strength - Let's go and defend the Cup next year. 

Back to the match, it was largely disappointing, unlike what Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin told TV3. Ong Kim Swee's boys did good to create chances but finishing was lacking.

They must forget about this victory and concentrate for the 2012 Olympic qualifying group match against Syria on Wednesday. While qualifying  may be an arduous task, a good performance is needed to move forward.

Dear Kim Swee, please drop Ahmad Fakri Saarani for he could have cost Malaysia the SEA Games gold medal. Not only did he miss several sitters but also missed a penalty that added nerves to us Malaysians. Certainly the leading candidate for the worst player of the match 'award'.

On a side note it was good seeing Malaysians from all walks of life cheering on the young Tigers on. My twitter timeline was filled with updates of the match. Even to the penalty kicks. It's 3.53am now and I still see tweets regarding the match. Who says we no longer care of our local sports scene?

Anyone noticed the empty stands at the Gelora Bung Karno after the final whistle? At least no uncivillised lot was booing the national anthem of another country - like the Indonesian fans had done to Malaysia in various sports during the Games.

eh stop scratching your balls la. Not in public at least

Food for thought : Why is it that the very same people who claim there is no interest in local sports taking interest of it on social sites? 

I'm dumbfounded on this. Anyone?

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