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Monday, November 07, 2011

Truly inspiring!

If there ever was an athlete's story that inspired me, then its surely Henry Wanyoike's..... Carl Lewis is running closely behind.

                                     *pix by Razak Ghazali, courtesy of The Malay Mail

I had the opportunity to meet both athletes in the past one year....

While the Lewis's session was bogged down by restriction of questions, Wanyoike told a story that would inspire anyone - read it here

Wanyoike's life story tells how far friendship can take you and teaches one to never give up.

We were restricted of asking Lewis on his endorsement deals with Nike and Coca-Cola, his rivalry with Ben Johnson and drug issues. read what Lewis had to say here

but Lewis did say one thing that has stuck to me - for there to be success there must be a plan.

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