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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FAM discourages club football system.

That is what can be deduced by FA of Malaysia's (FAM) knee-jerk decision to bar clubs from partaking in the President's Cup, a development tournament for junior players. has a piece on how FAM have taken One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards.

As result clubs such as NS Betaria, Sime Darby, Johor FC, PKNS and T-Team will have to either scrap their youth development programme or resort to playing only smaller scale tournaments as the FAM does not want to promote club football.

Instead, FAM want the their affiliates to develop football and produce talents.

Kids, if you are serious of making football a career - stay away from the clubs. That could well be the underlining message of such decision.

Former colleague and friend Haresh Deol reported the possibility of such move yesterday on Foul!
Bro, Kelab Dianaktirikan ke?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

National Football Awards - did they get it right?

Did the panel selecting the winners only watched the Malaysia Cup?

That was the question that sports journos in the country were asking when the winners were announced earlier today.

Some of the winners did not perform up to the mark in the M-League, in some cases were overshadowed by the presence of foreign players, but a good showing at the Malaysia Cup got them awards.

No disrespect to Selangor's Safiq Rahim, on-loan Rozaimi Abdul Rahman or Kelantan's Norshahrul Idlan Talaha but there were better options that the panel perhaps overlooked - some were even among the nominees.

Wasn't the awards suppose to be an overall one? Taking into account the Super League, Premier League, FA Cup and Malaysia Cup altogether?

And what happened to foreign players being eligible for all the awards as previously mentioned here. I guess someone thought the foreign players would have swept most of the awards so decided to narrow them down to just one award - Best Foreign player. Btw, such did not exist at the awards announcements a forth night ago.

Let's have a healthy competition la.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Truth prevails? Nope!

The dust has settled on the Peter Butler – Terengganu saga.

Indeed, but the general perception on the matter, after FA of Malaysia (FAM) decision to declare Terengganu FA’s punishment on Butler null and void, is that Butler has been vindicated of all that has happened.

But does that mean what Butler, who seems to feel exonerated, has done nothing wrong? Bare in mind the national body’s decision was based solely on the non-compliance with procedural rules.

Butler had:
1. Rightly dropped Muslim Ahmad and Ismail Faruqi for breaking curfew and allegedly bringing girls into their hotel rooms.
2. Goalkeeper Sharbinee was abused, cursed,pushed and accused of match fixing in PUBLIC.
3. Revealed on his Twitter account that he did not have a free hand in deciding the team.
4. Had spoke about these matters to the media without getting approval from the State FA.

In return Butler was:
1. Suspended 6-months, effectively ending his employment.
2. Fine RM4,000
3. Futher fine 15% of his monthly salary.

But FA of Malaysia overturned the punishments last week.

Now would they have done so if Terengganu FA had adhered to procedures?

Here's what secretary general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad had to say...... wrong procedure in Butler's case

Butler was wrong to speak to the media, he should have followed the proper channels. His arguments were valid but again, he didn’t choose the proper channels.

If there was a lesson to be learnt from the saga then it is not that truth will prevail but follow the procedures (some will have to lay down the procedures first)

Anyway it has been a good M-League season - for all reasong. Here's my two cents worth.... 'The good, the bad and the ugly