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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FAM discourages club football system.

That is what can be deduced by FA of Malaysia's (FAM) knee-jerk decision to bar clubs from partaking in the President's Cup, a development tournament for junior players. has a piece on how FAM have taken One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards.

As result clubs such as NS Betaria, Sime Darby, Johor FC, PKNS and T-Team will have to either scrap their youth development programme or resort to playing only smaller scale tournaments as the FAM does not want to promote club football.

Instead, FAM want the their affiliates to develop football and produce talents.

Kids, if you are serious of making football a career - stay away from the clubs. That could well be the underlining message of such decision.

Former colleague and friend Haresh Deol reported the possibility of such move yesterday on Foul!
Bro, Kelab Dianaktirikan ke?

1 comment:

  1. Its the same bullshit all over again.
    When will we ever realise that the politicians don't know nothing about football & its development.
    Let the pros do to their job.
    I'm not giving up on football development yet.
    Our City Youth Academy have proven it again & again.
    We have now participated & organised 295 events with 17,000++ photos of football & futsal development programs.