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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wake up, Malaysia!

It is going to be tough. 

They say winning a trophy is easier than keeping it. Malaysia are on a mission - that is to defend the AFF Cup.

But first Malaysia needs to Wake Up.

National coach K. Rajagobal is understandably disappointed that some of his players let him down. 
I am disappointed with the result. The players need to wake up before the AFF Suzuki Cup. Mistakes do happen, but they have to have the confidence to get back up,” said the 56-year-old. 
The 1-1 draw against Hong Kong was not the result the players needed. Coming after successive defeats to Vietnam and Thailand it was a telling sign. The players need to buck up, raise their spirits and believe in themselves once again.

With just 10 days to the start of the regional games, the above saying may come back to bite the Harimau Malaya.

Hopefully, as Rajagobal mentioned during the post match press conference, "the players can't give excuses if they don't perform against Bangladesh and the AFF."

The sight of the Ultras Malaya chanting the team on was a sight I'd like to see the Bukit Jalil filled with come Nov 25 onwards.

Ps. There's a new look for

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