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Thursday, October 31, 2013

FAM want volatile Ultras Malaya to toe the line

pix by The Star

Love them or hate them?

Even FA of Malaysia (FAM) are torn between the two.

It is undeniable that Ultras Malaya add flavour to football stadiums thoroughout the country, also via splinter groups in the respective state.Their support is undying.

But are there lines that should not be crossed?

The governing body had only recently praised the supporters group for the support during the Merdeka Tournament.

But it was a different case when FAM deputy president Tengku Abdullah Ahmad Shah warned the Ultras to behave yesterday.

"Our Country's name and image is at stake," he said

The Crown Prince of Pahang was responding to recent turn of events which had seen FAM face an AFC inquiry over the use of smoke-bombs and an S-League match between Harimau Muda B and Young Lions called off after the group pelted the pitch with flares and smoke-bombs.

The start of the ruckus -  pix by

Ultras Malaya leader Freddy was firm in saying the fans in Pasir Gudang did the right thing after being provoked.

FIFA, AFC, and FAM regulations are clear - the use of any form of pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited

My take - Ultras Malaya brings the stadium alive, especially when Malaysia are playing. They turn up in numbers to create a great atmosphere. But let's keep those flares, fireworks and smoke-bombs at home. It is only inviting trouble.

Here's a question to the Ultras Malaya - Would you rather toe the line or see drastic sanctions such as playing in an empty stadium?

ps: It's been a very very very long time since I blogged. Back at The Malay Mail once again :)

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