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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rajagobal prepared for drastic changes

Just four days to the start of the AFF Suzuki Cup. Just fours days till Malaysia play Singapore. Just four days for Malaysia to dwell upon the disappointing four preparation matches they had played.

A losing start is never fatal but should Malaysia not get three points against Singapore, things may not be good as it could all boil down to seeking a good goal difference advantage against Laos and a positive result against Indonesia.

Problem is Malaysia are finding it hard to get it going up front. Only two goals were scored in their last four matches while the defence let in five.

The Tigers, under K. Rajagobal have always rose to the occasion. Remember the Sea Games in 2009 and last AFF Suzuki Cup in 2010?. No one gave them a chance then.

But this time is it different?

Pic by (Helmi Dawi)

One thing that is different is that national coach K. Rajagobal, the man who has long publicly defended his boys, lost his cool with the players after draw with lowly Bangladesh yesterday.
"I am going to be very stern with the players. If they don’t change the way they have been playing, I’m ready to make drastic changes, even dropping players; I don’t care! 
"There must be changes and if there aren’t, I will make changes to the team” warned Rajagobal.
For more read Players make Rajagobal-listic, Rajagobal: Change or be changed and here's the match report of yesterday game, Another disappointing act.

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