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Saturday, November 24, 2012

A wet affair? - AFF Suzuki Cup

Someone might as well sell raincoats outside the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil for the next one week.

It is a wet season after all - and if you think you'll be covered during the match times at least, think again.

There are gaping holes on the Stadium roof that would allow rain through should there be any. has more on it here.

So, the time has come for Harimau Malaya to wake up from their recent hibernation. Four friendlies were played, four disappointing acts were recorded. But does that give a definite answer as to how they'll fare in the AFF Suzuki Cup?

In previous years - the last AFF Suzuki Cup, SEA Games (2009 & 2011) - the team's chances were dismissed but they went on to win those tournaments to earned the title "Kings of Southeast Asia". It's the same now, can they repeat history?

Let's hope so.

One thing for sure is that national coach K. Rajagobal and his army are ready for Singapore. Open the Lions' den?

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