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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AFF Suzuki Cup not Malaysia's priority?

Pic by Helmi Dawi,

Well at least it appears so for the FA of Malaysia and newly signed Johor forward Norshahrul Idlan Talaha?

Why else would his contract issue with former side Kelantan be more important than focusing on the AFF Suzuki Cup?

Malaysia had lost the opening match to Singapore. It was a heavy and humiliating 3-0 defeat.

However, instead of focussing solely on that - like what they do in truly professional do - FAM heard Norshahrul's case in a Status Committee meeting yesterday. The now former Kelantan striker was also present at FAM.

It is not about whether he can remain focus. But do we usually hear players in bigger footballing countries saying "We'll sort it out after the tournament" or something along those lines when questioned of their transfer to a new club during an on-going tourney?

But here we have a striker and an organisation that saw great urgency in concluding his club contractual issue. Perhaps, there was pressure from up above?

Read Get your priorities right for the full story.

Nt: Why are we still talking about past successes and how we did it, when we are told to forget the past disappointments? I'm dumbfounded!

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