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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Truth prevails? Nope!

The dust has settled on the Peter Butler – Terengganu saga.

Indeed, but the general perception on the matter, after FA of Malaysia (FAM) decision to declare Terengganu FA’s punishment on Butler null and void, is that Butler has been vindicated of all that has happened.

But does that mean what Butler, who seems to feel exonerated, has done nothing wrong? Bare in mind the national body’s decision was based solely on the non-compliance with procedural rules.

Butler had:
1. Rightly dropped Muslim Ahmad and Ismail Faruqi for breaking curfew and allegedly bringing girls into their hotel rooms.
2. Goalkeeper Sharbinee was abused, cursed,pushed and accused of match fixing in PUBLIC.
3. Revealed on his Twitter account that he did not have a free hand in deciding the team.
4. Had spoke about these matters to the media without getting approval from the State FA.

In return Butler was:
1. Suspended 6-months, effectively ending his employment.
2. Fine RM4,000
3. Futher fine 15% of his monthly salary.

But FA of Malaysia overturned the punishments last week.

Now would they have done so if Terengganu FA had adhered to procedures?

Here's what secretary general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad had to say...... wrong procedure in Butler's case

Butler was wrong to speak to the media, he should have followed the proper channels. His arguments were valid but again, he didn’t choose the proper channels.

If there was a lesson to be learnt from the saga then it is not that truth will prevail but follow the procedures (some will have to lay down the procedures first)

Anyway it has been a good M-League season - for all reasong. Here's my two cents worth.... 'The good, the bad and the ugly

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