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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A fairytale ending

pic taken from

Oh wait before I get to the hockey, just observe the picture.. why oh why are the officials hogging the limelight with players taking a back stage? 

That's something for your thoughts. 

No one really gave this Malaysia side a chance - not me either. Missing arguably two of their best players, Faisal Saari and Firhan Ashaari, the project 2013 boys had got off on the wrong footing - an opening loss to Australia and a disappointing draw to New Zealand.

Kudos to the boys for a complete turnaround that ended on a success note last night. Led by skipper Noor Faeez Ibrahim, the boys fought for each other to win the inaugural Sultan of Johor Cup.

They were within the brink of losing but for Faeez's penalty corner in the 69th minute to push the match into extra time. It was Faeez again who started the celebrations going.

The project 2013 boys are being molded for the next year's Junior World Cup qualifiers. They are surely on the right track.

Read the full match report here

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