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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Let's have a debate

When Malaysian Athletic Union (MAU) - yes they have taken out the 'Amateur' - and National Sports Council (NSC) go to 'war' they often talk about different matters.

Like MAU deputy president Karim Ibrahim once told me - "I'm talking about apple, he's talking about pineapple"

Anyway that aside - an SMS where sent out regarding a supposed 'live debate' between NSC director general Datuk Zolkples Embong and Karim on a radio channel. That didn't materialise and Karim wasn't too happy with what the DG told 'Kerusi Panas' on Radio 24. SMS' were then sent out attacking Zolkples.

Well shall we get to the bottom of this? - and put an end to all the drama.

Why not you two have a debate? - have a go at each other and then let a third party come and play the mediator role.

Because as my colleague Haresh Deol puts it on Foul!, It's not funny anymore.

I did have a conversation with Karim yesterday, he is welcoming a debate. Zolkples, the ball is your court.

Meanwhile MAU is considering endorsing a proposal on how sports should be run in the country. If it's for the better then why not?

Sorry I can't say anything more as I'm waiting for The Malay Mail to carry it. And/Or maybe it will be up on Bottom Line soon.

It has some connection with a column carried by Utusan today - "persatuan sukan dan MOM boleh hidup and berdiri secara sendiri tanpa MSN tetapi MSN tidak boleh hidup tanpa persatuan sukan dan MOM"

In the meantime I hope there is a debate between Karim and Zolkples. I'll go grab popcorn and hope to get the best seats for the drama. Care to join me?

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