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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Politics into play? - Part 2

Question still remains - what is going on? I mean what strings have been pulled.

Lets be honest, no one would use "1Malaysia" in their business entity unless it has 'their' backing?

Okay some may argue that 1Malaysia can also mean an honest, unlike BN's political agenda, promotion of a multiracial concept.

But the use of the very same logo that PM initiated just makes me wonder.

Anyway read the latest on the 1Malaysia Cardiff City (1MCC) - Junior Football League (JFL) row in today's Mailsport.

Subang Jaya Community Youth Football League (SJCYFL) coordinator Zaini Mazlan, who I admit has no reason to step into this, hopes parties could Broaden the base.

Anyway, yes, we wanted to ask a third party how would they feel if a corporation barges in to rival them.

The answers, I would think, are fairly neutral.

If you have missed the first part, read the previous post on Bottom Line.

Btw I wish some parties could answer questions that I have.

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