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Saturday, December 08, 2012

M-League matches to be played in the evening

We hear of the need to bring back the fans all the time - FA of Malaysia (FAM), States, Clubs and even the media have all spoke of the need to get the fans to pack stadiums again like in the glory days of Malaysian football.

Often, the national body and States/clubs have been blamed for the lack of fans as it lacks the professionalism, quality and what not.

But now, local authorities will have to take the blame too.

To get the fans, the matches must also be played at a convenient time for folks to come in numbers. However, due to lighting requirement set by FAM, only five stadiums will be able to host night matches.

The rest fail to meet the minimum 1000 Lux requirement on all nine floodlights.

There is nothing teams can do as they have no jurisdiction over the stadiums

Read's Left in the dark for more on this.

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