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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Major shake-up?

First it was the resignation shocker by Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) secretary Maninderjit Singh, now national coach Tai Beng Hai and other national set-up coaches Nor Saiful Zaini and Stephen van Huizen are likely to be shown the door.

However, legality questions have been raised whether Coaching Committee's 'discussion' later today (Thursday) can carry any weight.

First of all there is no committee, despite having an appointed chairman in Majid Manjit Abdullah, as it has yet to be endorsed by the MHC council. The previous committee of the now-defunct MHF can't merely assume role.

Manjit, who was very accommodating, was quick to clear the air that only a 'discussion' can take place and not a meeting, They will forward findings to MHC President Tengku Abdullah Shah.

But even, if there was a committee already in place all it can do is forward a recommendation to the President and it is up to the council to decide. Hence, it is a meaningless meeting as appears in today's Mailsport.

incoming (L) Chiow Chuan and outgoing Beng Hai
pic taken from

Anyway speculation is rife that Beng Hai, Saiful, and van Huizen will be told find new jobs with Under-16 coach and 1Mas programme director Lim Chiow Chuan coming in as interim coach.

No doubt Beng Hai has to go - he doesn't even was to speak to the press as seen here after the national team failed in their last bid to qualify for Olympics.

Beng Hai had offered his resignation after the failure.

But to replace him with Chiow Chuan? Putting aside credentials, how would he juggle between junior development and senior team? Surely seeing juniors should be his priority.

Perhaps, MHC should stick with the current coaches until Olympics end and scout for a coach then. Some foreign coaches might be looking for jobs. 

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Mike oh Mike! when will you answer your phone or even return a call or text?

News of his resignation was first flashed in Malaysian Hockey and unsurprisingly Mike was unobtainable to comment - since covering hockey September last year never have I been able to speak to him over the phone. It's either voice mail or just no answer.

I have nothing personal but a secretary of any body, association or federation should return calls at least. How else would an association disseminate news and comment on matters?


  1. ya la, at least return la my call hahahaha. that's why he resigned. can't afford to return calls...who's going to pay the bill hahaha

    mike jangan marah mike, but I'm pretty sure you knew what was in store when you first took up the job...

    and vijhay i agree MHC should let Beng Hai continue...until a certain time...

  2. Perhaps so as well. but i doubt it.

    Indeed, but not to this extent, time ada issue tak jawab ada la - Hint MAF. But this one at anyone time pun tak boleh.

    Well Beng Hai, Saiful and Stephen given till Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. Then MHC will review.

  3. MHC President Tengku Abdullah Shah.

    Please show him the door as well .............