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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Schools not relied on anymore

Soon we all may have to say "Rest in Peace" to school sports.

It's no longer taken serious and conducted for the sake of it. It used to be the breeding grown for future national athletes but not anymore. 

National Sports Associations cannot rely on schools anymore and will have to produce their talent on their own.

"The school meets do not work. They have defeated the purpose of producing talent because too many compromises have been made," said  Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) secretary Maninderjit Singh.

He was referring to the on-going national schools hockey meet.

Not only is the quality of play pathetic, KL has not has their zone and State level yet.

Read Schools are a bane in today's Mailsport.


  1. The definition of insanity....doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (Einstein). The MOE has been carrying the same events with the same regulations over the years. Sports Science has shown the focus on developing young athletes should be in skill development using modified games. Playing areas and the number of players are reduced to encourage more "time on task". The MOE, through it's sports division has failed to engage the experts and refused to listen to a number of 'thinking' coaches among them. With little Napoleons running the division..sports in school is damned to failure!

    Change or be damned!

  2. It will be a very big mistake not to depend on schools for our future talents.

    Where are we going to find the next Nicole Ann David or Lee Chong Wei?

    They are not going to fall from the sky!!

    They have to be produced from grassroots & youth development programs.

    Whatever happen to the "1 student, 1 sports" program?

    There goes Malaysian sports down the drain!!!

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