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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It all begins in the schools, didn't u learn?

Schools used to play an important role in producing talent.

But not anymore!

Many reasons for that, some technical but it has failed in even the organisation of it.

Being part of a largely Klang Valley only paper, KL seems to be the focus most of the time.

First it was the cross country held at the end of January. It was a State level competition but the zone level hadn't taken place yet. - It will take place in Oct!

Now, HOCKEY! - National schools meet are on-going but KL has yet to conduct neither the zone nor State level.

Read KL not doing it right  in today's  Mailsport.

1 comment:

  1. When will we ever learn?

    All of our future champions are in schools all over Malaysia.

    Where else can you get them in numbers!

    Talent indentification begins where else?

    For more information:-

    Mohd Sulaiman Gerrard Abdullah
    Coaching Director of City Youth Organisation
    Head of Soccer & Futsal Development of City Youth Academy
    H/p no: 0162939495
    Facebook: mohd sulaiman gerrard
    Facebook: city youth academy
    Facebook: the awakening project