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Monday, April 02, 2012

Sepang, to be just another race on the calendar?

Just look at the picture below - It was taken just five minutes before the Malaysia GP two weekends ago.

It wasn't like this last year... 

A SIC staff had commented that promotion to this year's race wasn't like in previous years. There was minimal adverts in the papers and the streets of KL did not have many banner, posters, etc along roads.

No wonder some I know didn't know Formula One was taking place that weekend. Indeed it wasn't avid F1 followers but in the past everyone knew it was a race weekend.

Also gone, are the airshows that used to thrill spectators - young and old - on Race Days.

Airshows may be an 'old' thing as some may say but who doesn't enjoy watching some acrobats up in the air, living dangerously as they put on a show?

The organisers and promoters should Bring back the hype, as appeared in 'From the SIDELINES' in today's Mailsport.

Something needs to be done, or else the Malaysia GP may become just another international event in Malaysia or worse still just another race on the F1 calendar.

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  1. I think the tickets are just too expensive for most people in Malaysia right now. If I should be in the above 50% break even monthly cost of living group, I wouldn't waste my time going to F1, instead that money I'll keep the money in saving as you can't predict the government desicions to further hike costs of basic necessities.