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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sports School - there to make things harder?

That's the situation KL Hockey Association are facing.

KL Sports School, or previously known as SMK Seri Titiwangsa, are making life hard for KLHA to call-up their players for the upcoming national Under-16v tournament.

KLHA secretary V. Rajamanickam did raise some valid questions but who's going to answer them?

1. Why is it that KLSS insist that they must get a directive from the KL Schools Sports Unit before releasing players to the state association?

2. Isn't it puzzling that Bukit Jalil SS and Bandar Penawar SS, both under the ambit of the KL Schools Sports Unit, have released their players without a fuss but not KLSS?

3. Sports school are meant to provide players for States and Country, so why is there so much red tape?

4. Why are KLSS making KLHA go in a merry-go-around? - first they sighted transportation issues, then that order must come from Sports Unit, and now the players need to get parent's approval.

Read more on this in today's Mailsport here.

First it was how KL took the national schools meet for granted. Yes, whatever the circumstance, the district level and state SHOULD be held before sending a team to the Nationals.

There is no justice to the other schools, more importantly boys/girls playing hockey, that they don't have an opportunity to play at the Nationals on that particular year no matter how impressive they are.

If others States can do it, why not KL?

Perhaps it's time to review the Sports Schools system.

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