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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

National Aquatic Centre - a danger waiting to happen.

We are excellent when it comes to building structures and hosting events - but we surely fail when it comes to maintaining it. 

The latest? well not really something new though.

The National Aquatic Centre needs a massive refurbishment. The toilets are moldy, trampoline torn, diving springboards are supported by rusty and corroded metal blocks (as seen in the pic above), staircase leading to diving platforms are rusty and the shower rooms are in utter shambles.

Simply put it is a danger waiting to happen.

Oh not to forget the warming up pool, used by divers, has been turned into a dumpsite (as seen below)

pic taken from The Malay Mail

Read more on the condition of the Aquatic Centre in today's Mailsport.

Well if you aren't bored and don't mind reading what has been previously reported then click on this.

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