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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A risk worth taking?

It's all about taking risk - after all nothing much can be achieved without taking risk.

That's the matter putting National Juniors coach K. Dharmaraj in a dilemma.

Does he take just one goalkeeper to the hockey Asian Junior Cup (AJC) or have a reserve keeper, who is only going to be a passenger?

The man or rather boy above, Hazrul Faiz Sobri is Dharma's No 1, 2 and 3 choice. 

"They (back-up keepers) just are nowhere near to him. I rather play a sick Hazrul," said Dharma.

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Also, Dharma will be taking 19 players to Malacca until the AJC, whereby one will be dropped. Three players have been named as reserves just in case anyone get's injured in the build up.

He has opted against taking the 3 to Malacca unless absolutely required as he doesn't want players fighting for places to make the team. 

"I want to solely concentrate on the AJC, not selecting my squad of 18.

"I have 12 or 13 players who will form the core of the team," he added.

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