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Friday, April 13, 2012

First the players, now the umpires

It was Malaysian Hockey Federation general secretary Johari Abdul Aziz's first day in office.

pic(s) taken from the Malay Mail

What a start it was - no thanks to Tai Beng Hai's "Damning report on hockey team reveals shocking misdeeds" carried by The Star yesterday.

Similar report also surfaced on Malaysian Hockey.

A 'damage control' press conference was called by MHC, namely Johari, to clarify the matter and state what was actually meant by Beng Hai's report to the MHC council on Tuesday.

Basically MHC and Beng Hai insists Report (was) not reported holistically

While that materialised, to a certain extent, blame for Malaysia not qualifying for Olympics was then put on bad umpiring calls, lack of overseas exposure, and so on.

A video footage, which was part of his presentation to the MHC council, was then played with Beng Hai reasoning that there were bad calls.

Let's stop pointing fingers just accept that we have failed, which thankfully team manager George Koshy admitted towards the end of the press conference.

Read more on it in today's Mailsport.

I must credit Johari for his efforts to mitigate the matter today - keeping to his word and being more media friendly

"We have to admit we have problems. It's better if we are transparent while attending to matter instead of people quoting 'according to sources within MHC'."

I have to admit I have done that too, but only because parties were too afraid to step up or were under a gag order - same applies to rest of my fellow journalists, bloggers, etc.

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