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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ramlan moves on... with the Sports Minister.

So former National Sports Institute (ISN) CEO Dr. Ramlan Aziz is ready take office as the Special Advisor to the Sports Minister.

Pursuant to a Sports247 reports here and then here the next day, Ramlan was sent the following text. 
Good evening Sir, would you care to comment on Sports247's story regarding you being replaced?. Minister was quoted saying, Shapawi's appointment has no controversy and the focus is on 2016 Olympics which needs immediate attention. This can be seen as if you have been made the scapegoat and that u have been replaced as actions need to be taken for next Games. This also means that you being replaced is the action needed.. -Regards, Vijhay Vick.
and this was the reply sent by the new Special Advisor
My appointment opens the way for the new CEO of ISN to concentrate on the administrative and financial management aspects. My appointment underscores YB Minister's seriousness ineffecting innovative ideas into launching Malaysian sports performance to a higher level and to glean sustainable success through application of science and technology in high performance sport and the provision of world class healthcare and injury management plus antidoping for our national athletes. My task generally is to oversee the strategic planning, implementation and effective monitoring & evaluation of systems, processes and putting in place the right culture for Malaysian athletes to excel and succeed on the world stage in a sustainable and meaningful way. The benefits of all this work at high performance level should also be harnessed usefully to benefit society at large in terms of improving health and social indices towards a progressive, harmonious and healthy society, with the involvement of partners and stakeholders in the industry and all governmental and non-governmental organisations, both in Malaysia and internationally.
 Sports247 has the full story here

and for those who have missed the turn of things, click here


  1. I've met Ramlan at Bukit Jalil and a nicer guy you couldn't hope to come across. His passion for Malaysian sport and will to help it succeed was obvious. I'm very hopeful for the future if people like him are still involved in sport in Malaysia, and if those in charge listen to his advice.

    I owe you a pint of Guiness (well, a couple) by the way Vijhay - haven't forgot. Am off to KL today (leave for airport in about half an hour) and will see you when I'm there hopefully some time mate? Bingtang Walk?

    1. Yes we could drop me a text or something. Facebook would do too. Cheers