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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

'Vote-buying' or Perks?

pic taken from Permatang Pauh by-election campaign poster

Vote-buying has been an issue our political scene have been battling for long. But what constitutes vote buying?

Can incentives and perks be construed as vote buying. If it is then it is illegal. But where do we draw the line? That's if we can, as it is surely a fine one.

Let's look at the situation at Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF)

It's president, Datuk Seri Shahidan, has long started the trend of handing out allowances/incentives/perks to its council members. It wasn't the case pre-2006. Now, he is crying foul that their impending AGM - which will see all top posts being contested - may have to deal with vote buying.

While he fell short of accusing anyone and some have even mentioned that this is one way of him staying in power longer.

Well the vote buying may be true - but then again what constitute vote buying?

Honestly, I'm dumbfounded on this. If someone gives you something in good will, then it shouldn't be vote buying right?

Two of the most out-speaking MAF council members have defended Shahidan and insist that all the hand-outs by Shahidan are done in good faith.

According to Malacca AAA secretary Rengan Pakkri and his Johor counterpart S. Rajasegram believes that Incentives are not 'vote buying'

I'm in the middle on this. Could someone please share some light?

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