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Monday, June 18, 2012

He said, She said (Karim's Inquiry)

Pic above does not imply anything nor indicate such act occurred in the posting below.

Evidence is defined on as:-

1. -that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof.
2. -something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign: His flushed look was visible evidence of his fever.
3. -Law . data presented to a court or jury in proof of the facts in issue and which may include the testimony of witnesses, records, documents, or objects.

At the on-going inquiry on the doping fiasco the Malaysian Amateur Athletics (MAF) and it's deputy president Karim Ibrahim are tangled in, evidence is one of the key factors that have suspended the supposedly four days trials until July 5.

Heading the independent inquiry panel is well respected former Court of Appeal judge Tan Sri V.C. George. Even for man of his caliber, the evidence recorded may not be enough to reach a conclusive answer. He had admitted that there are two versions of the story and that they have yet to identify the right one. Read No end in sight for a recap.

and then after weeks or rather months of silence, a letter from a Bulgarian doctor named Gueorgui Ananiev Baldjiysky crops up to the attention of everyone. Read extracts of the letter in 'I never provided banned substances'

The Bulgarian along  Karim have been alleged to have conspired in giving relay runner Yunus Lasalleh performance enhancement drugs. Such accusation came from Yunus himself, supported by the coaches and other athletes.

With the lack of substantiated evidence, this could well be a case of Party A's words against Party B's.

I don't know which side of the story is true either but one thing I know is that whether Karim is found guilty or not, the athletes in concern (including the six who bolted from random tests) must be handed heavy sentences.

Yes mitigation is allowed but what good will it do for the sports fraternity. It will give birth, if already not present, to the finger pointing culture.

But if mitigation is not given much consideration, it will teach a lesson to athletes that they should be aware of what goes into their systems and to only take “medication” from those entrusted by ISN, and not even their coaches.

Mailsport's From the sidelines touches on this today. There should be No excuses by all parties.

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