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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Shape up or ship out BAM. Simple!

In Malaysia, one has three options too - shape up, ship out, or live in denial.

It wouldn't take a genius to decide which is the most followed. I see it a bit too often.

Former BA of Malaysia president Tan Sri Elyas Omar wants the current management to make way after failing to stop the slide in the sport and more importantly, failing to deliver.

Leave the Thomas Cup aside, many of us didn't pay much attention to it - as expected Malaysia failed to deliver.

We have the World No.1 in Lee Chong Wei but we also have one of the worst back-ups, if compared to other Badminton nations.

"They (BAM) shouldn't be given a second chance to improve the sport. They are accountable for the slide and as they fill a position of trust, they should give the public an explanation," said the former KL mayor.

Since they have failed to shape up despite knowing for several years that only Chong Wei can be relied upon, they should ship out no?

Sadly, as what Elyas had to say, it is not in our culture to vacate posts after failures.

"If we fail we got to change. Look at English Premier League teams. After few bad results, the manager is changed. We don't have that in our culture. People here are not embarrassed.

"If BAM can't bring back the glory days... back to the top 3 or 4 in the world.... then there should be changes in the organisation," he added.

So does Elyas Omar want to take helm at BAM once again? and maybe bring back the glory days?

That he said, is for the public to decide, not individuals. But he is more than willing to offer BAM his input for the betterment of the sport.

I have a question. What platform does the public have?

Read more about it in today's Malay Mail.

He also spoke on why the Thomas Cup is more important than the Olympics, which everyone has been so obsessed with hopes of Chong Wei winning the gold.

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