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Monday, June 04, 2012

Take heed from Apple Inc.

Continuity and proper promotion.

Take that out, Apple Inc. wouldn't be the company it is today. It is purely through their marketing strategy and promotion that they've reached great heights and have iPhone crazy loyalists.

First it was iPhone, then iPhone3G..... and the list goes on to iPhone4s, which is the fifth generation. This ensures continuity. Some are already speculating on the release date of the next one.

The above two aspects need to be adapted by national sports associations (NSA).

Read From the Sidelines in today's Mailsport on Wither Malaysian Sports

Here's a crux of it. 

If we had a continuity plan in store, we won't be asking many questions.

Who’s going to take over from Chong Wei? Who is going to be our squash queen when Nicol David has passed her prime? Or more importantly, do we have enough strength to win team events?
Then I had Yong Hock Kin, Ong Ewe Hock, Wong Choong Hann, Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah to emulate.
Who do the kids have now? Lee Chong Wei and Lee Chong Wei, and maybe, Lee Chong Wei.
No it wasn’t a typo error, you read that right. None of the rest in the national set-up deserve more than a passing mention.

Also some parties tend to down play the importance of having an up and running website, which is updated of course

The website of most NSAs are hopeless and cannot be relied on for information. MAF do not even have one, FAM’s gets hacked very often and then, there’re MHC...don’t even let me get started on them.
The just-concluded Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is one fine example. Everything was smoothsailing until the third day of the tournament. Then, all hell broke loose as the media officer resigned after finding an official response to an incident indifferent to him.

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  1. very true sir, when i was a kid playing badminton, everyone will have their own idol..if playing singles, automatically they will be rashid sidek and foo kok keong..when playing doubles, one will be razif n the other jalani while the other pair were arguing who gets to be cheah soon kit or soo beng, like u said, only LCW..